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Alliance War Ideas

Comment your thoughts.

Auriel's Bow: 90 days, Static.
Bloodthorn: 90 days, Dynamic.
Chrysamere: 90 days, Dynamic, no underdog bonuses.
Dawnbreaker: 60 days, Static.
Goldbrand: 60 days, Dynamic.
Hopesfire: 60 days, Dynamic, no underdog bonuses.
Scourge: 45 days, Status.
Skull Crusher: 45 days, Dynamic.
Volendrung: 45 days, Dynamic, no underdog bonuses.
Wabbajack: 30 days, Dynamic.

Population up to 1800 players.

The population of a campaign is always determined by the second-most populated alliance. The population cap for a dynamic campaign is always 100 more than the second-most populated.

Changing guest campaigns cost 15k alliance points. If changed within 24 hours, the price doubles. Can be stacked up to three times, and beyond that the player must wait until 24 hours are up to change again.

Home Keep Bonuses:
+1% Exp, AP and Gold from enemies for every home keep held.

Resource Bonuses:
For every lumbermill held,
+5% spell resistance for hired mercenaries.
+5% damage for hired mercenary mages.

For every farm held,
+5% HP for hired mercenaries.

For every mine held,
+5% defense for hired mercenaries.
+5% damage for hired mercenary warriors.

Underdog Bonuses:
25x duration for hired mercenaries.
More guards and mages at resources and keeps.
+25% toughness for siege weapons.

When a gate is open,
+50% damage, health, defense and spell resistance for hired mercenaries.

Possible Point Accumulations
A) 24v24 = 1v1.
EXP/AP per kill: 800.
4% reduction per member in group.

Full group = 24 * 4 = 96% reduction = 32xp
32 x 24 = 768xp

With this kind of system, it would take a group of 24 members to take down 24 enemies for the experience equivalent to a single player.

B) Individual points regardless of party.
Damage done to an enemy /4 = points gained.
Dealt 200 damage to an enemy = 50 points.
Killed an enemy with 1600 health = 400 points.
Killed an enemy with 1600 health after they recovered 2200 in the process of fighting = 1200 points.

C) Exclusive experience
Exprience and alliance points gained from killing players follow the solo model, and defending/capturing keeps follow method A.
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