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Alliance war ult debate

So I've been looking at both ultimates actually, both the War Horn and the Barrier. As a main healer, having either of these actually sounds pretty useful for pve.

But I want to ask for any one that has Barrier, like how much ultimate do you actually gain back from the morph that restores ultimate? And how much do you actually heal for the morph for healing. I know thats subject to scaling a little bit, but is it a little bit, is it a decent, is it actually a significant amount? Is this ultimate actually worth it?

The warhorn one I can clearly see the use of, liking the sturdy horn.

I'm thinking of picking one of them up as my alternate ultimate for when I'm in a group, but in order to do that I need to get into cyrodil and get high enough ranking to let me buy the skills, so I'm just wondering if they are even worth my time?
  • Sarcen
    I believe the Barrier shield strength is around 50% of your max hp.

    You gain 4ultimate and 32mana per person that was affected by the shield (up to 25 persons max i believe)

    (The mana gained goes up a little more not sure by how much yet, I'm at rank 3 of Replenishing Barrier, the ultimate seems to be 4 at all ranks)

    In my opinion Replenishing Barrier will be the next overpowered thing. Once groups start running like 10 barriers in zergs of 25~ they will be nearly unkillable because you gain back so much ultimate when you affect the full 25 targets together with some manual UP gain you will be able to recast it when all the shields end.
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