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Dungeons & CC

Lately I've been toying with the idea of respeccing my sorcerer into a more support/CC role akin to the old Everquest class of Enchanter (not to be confused with ESO's profession), which was a CC master, a Controller, in otherwords to use City of Heroes lingo.

Of course, my concern before this is how viable CC truly is in VR dungeons. I've done my fair share of pre-VR dungeons and while CC would help in certain fights, I'm realistic enough to know that most players will only break any CC you throw down, because AoEs are fun. Therefore, with decent enough DPS and a good healer and tank, CC isn't necessary to complete pre-VR dungeons.

However, I've yet to get a character to VR, so I have no personal experience with VR dungeons, thus my question to others with more first-hand knowledge than myself is:

Is CC important in VR dungeons?

I know certain types of enemies are immune to CC, but if non-VR dungeons are any indication, there's plenty of 'trash fights' where tougher enemies in large quantities could require more than just throwing down masses of AoEs and actually benefit from a CC support class dealing with adds in a more orderly manner.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any feedback before I toss my gold down the well.
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