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Searching for small casual guild Aldmeri Dominion NA

Soul Shriven
As the the title says I'm interested in finding a small casual guild to provide myself with a little more of a social experience in this game instead of just doing the single player thing. I've never been one to join large guilds because I feel you have a more enjoyable experience with say maybe 20 members how interact and help each other much like a family. Message/mail me in-game @Helix_Frostfire
  • Valturion
    The Protectorate is a very selective and close community of players who push themselves to the edge of their capabilities alongside like-minded individuals in an environment that does not strangle them to do better, but nurtures their ambitions and potential with fun-loving and talented people who make gameplay entertaining and engaging. We strongly believe that you play your best among people you genuinely like and respect. People you can crack jokes and screw around with yet also coordinate and collaborate with to progress through content efficiently and effectively. People you are proud to call your guildmates.

    If this ideal resonates within you, learn more here:

    Rise to your calling.

    Justicar Valturion
    High Commander of the Protectorate
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