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The endeavor system is very cool but it could be way better by bringing exclusive cosmetics to it

I love the endeavor system. In fact, I log in every day primarily to do endeavors. And I do that with joy. I like these simple tasks that are absolutely random and that make you go to weird distant places to complete. The endeavor system has sparked me with a huge interest in playing ESO more and more, since it was released (probably with Blackwood?).

However, a huge letdown is that we can only purchase crown crates items. Don't get me wrong, being able to buy crown crate items is cool. But I am bound to feel that my accomplishments with the endeavor system will ONLY reward me with items anyone can "win" by paying money.

No matter how assiduous I am, no matter how many endeavor seals I have, I will always stay behind those that simply buy the item instead.

Should we remove the ability to purchase crown crates items with endeavor seals? NO!

What I am suggesting is: a rotationary/seasonal store that offers new and EXCLUSIVE cosmetic items only acquirable by spending endeavor seals.

I see the seals of endeavor as the most democratic, widely available and non-manipulable currency in the game. Everybody can get their seals at level 1. No one can get more seals than the cap. The seals are not tradeable.

It is the best certificate of "this person plays the game a lot". And people should be rewarded for it!

Giving these people paid cosmetics is cool. But it's NOT unique. Yes you do endeavors seven days a week, 4 weeks a month. But you know what? That other person over there has 10 times the number of apex mounts you have and he doesn't even care about the endeavor system.

How it could work: a merchant (NPC) will bring new goodies every rotation. Rotations can last 1 or more months. The rewards are only cosmetic and EXCLUSIVE to this merchant/acquired with seals. The rewards should be absolutely random.

There's absolutely no need to make a pattern. For example: season 1 brings a cool gauntlet, a hat, a mount, two pets, three mementos and some minor items. Season 2 brings a mount, a jack, a belt and two weapons.

How to make it even better:
- make also monthly endeavors;
- make endeavors more diverse and smarter: go to X map, Y point of interest; help said NPC; read a specific book...;
- make it so when you collect all of the available collectibles from the current season you get something extra [and special], like an epic cloak or an epic mount or a epic sword or an epic memento;

Possible question: wouldn't it be a battle pass? The thing is, battle passes usually have a bad reputation because they come from bad companies. And because they offer a linear progression (you can't bypass reward level X in order to get reward X+1). And because they are heavily built into the FOMO.

This could easily be avoided if Zenimax implements a good system and making seasons recurring to avoid FOMO.

Games that I have played and I know it worked very well for them: World of Warcraft, Disney Dreamlight Valley. In these games, the rewards come in "bingo cards" instead of a progression line. There are no "levels" or "tiers". You can choose whichever reward you want, at any time. Some cost more, some cost less. It's like a regular merchant. When you collect them all, you receive an extra, ultra special reward.

I've dreamt about this for a very long time. When we got the endeavor system announced I thought they were going to bring exclusive cosmetics to it. I think it's really the time for them to do that.
-On my shoulder, Ms. Ahvine
  • Grega
  • wolfie1.0.
    Seals of endeavors exist to conform to laws in certian countries that have placed restrictions on loot boxes.

    You likely won't see it expanded more than it is as a result.

    Also, what you have described also comforms to what zos does in their event schedule. They have you do stuff and you can earn x and y items.
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  • Erickson9610
    Considering there are some offers which are exclusive to Crown Gems (and thus also to Seals of Endeavor), I can see the merit in there being exclusive deals for only Seals of Endeavor. One of the other threads in the General section suggests a "season pass" with exclusive rewards for participating in PvP — if it was instead for completing Endeavors, or rather if the exclusive rewards were bought with Seals of Endeavor, then it could apply to all playstyles, not just PvE and PvP.

    I'm personally not a big fan of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), but if ZOS wants people to burn their Seals of Endeavor to incentivize players spending money on Crowns to buy new Crown Crates for rewards they could've gotten had they not spent their Seals of Endeavor on something else, then this would be the way to do it. Plus, at least this way people can claim that they "earned" the cosmetic rewards through gameplay.
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  • Alaztor91
    The Seals of Endeavor system was put in place only to comply with Microsoft's policy that all items from loot boxes will also be available by playing the game.

    Circumventing the Crown Crates and getting free Radiant Apex Mounts is just a nice side effect, so I doubt that they would expand on that(free cosmetics).
  • Araneae6537
    Personally, I think you should get the items you like with endeavors and not worry about who else has it or how other people think you acquired it, if they even think of that at all.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to additional items be available for Seals, or for Seals or Gems, like we have now with the bipedal spriggan polymorphs and mounts. I would definitely prefer cosmetics not be locked behind other cosmetics that I have to collect all of, as I prefer to pick and choose what I like. I’m just glad that we have the Seals of Endeavor system now so that if I like one item from a crate season or so, I can still get it. Sure, I’d like everything to be available for direct purchase, but this is an improvement. :)
  • Necrotech_Master
    my only suggestion for endeavors is let you spend endeavors on anything in the crown store instead of only on items that cost crown gems (not all crown gem items are in the crates)

    the earn rate is already kind of meager to begin with (~500 a week), i wouldnt see a problem with this

    while i think it was initially only included to circumvent country laws surrounding loot crates, i think they could choose to expand on it if it potentially increases player retention/login rates
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  • Dagoth_Rac
    It is hard enough to afford cool stuff from the Crown Store with just Endeavors. Now I have to budget for both crown store shinies and endeavor-only shinies? No thanks.

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