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Class Balance is Essential for Game Longevity

This is what kept me in the game:

1. I started on the Stamina Warden class and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was able to reach level 50 and do dungeons and get into trials.
2. I then made a Sorcerer. Although the skills and playstyle were different, after a small learning curve I could perform at a similar level and enjoyed completing content.
3. Ditto with Templar.
In each case, I repeated previous content (Faction and Main Storyline) but with a new class and a new playstyle experience. Taking a new class into more challenging content such as vet trials is also fun because even though you know the mechanics, seeing each class perform in its unique way is something I enjoy.

The problem now for newer players is that there are classes and builds that are much stronger than others:

1. Oakensoul HA builds are by far the strongest build for newer players who can then complete content without having to learn the intricacies of that particular class. They can also ignore some of the mechs because they are so tanky.
2. Oakensoul players complete a significant amount of vet content with their build.
3. Oakensoul HA builds get nerfed.
4. New players who only played Oakensoul are now faced with a choice: A) Pick another build/class and learn a complex rotation to struggle through the content you were breezing through previously or B) Move on to the next game.
Needless to say, a lot of these players dropped out of the game when Oakensoul got nerfed.


The problem right now is that ZOS can't really nerf the Arcanist without losing a lot of newer players, since switching over to all the other classes except DK will result is significantly diminished returns.
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  • moderatelyfatman
    The solution is to restore balance to the classes based on how they preform in content and not on the spreadsheet or parsing dummy. What I'm not talking about is making every class do exactly the same damage, but something like what they have in FF14 where they track damage by class in raids.

    Classes which are melee based or have more complex rotations do more damage than ranged dps or those with support skills. However, the difference in the average damage output between highest and the lowest dps classes is roughly 10% in FF14, not 100% as it is in ESO.
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