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Wrothgar observations (IMHO)

After all these years, and having a desire to obtain a cool mount which would be perfect for a Warden I intend to play someday, I actually played through the Orsineum main quest.
Several observations.
First - Never doing that again.
Second - I enjoy puzzles. Especially those which are solvable with the information given. I do Not enjoy puzzles that require me to use Google to find the solution, or else the quest never gets completed.
puzzle A - in all the puzzles I have solved throughout the game, None has ever required striking the same object Multiple times in a row. Having a puzzle that you have to hit 12 times in a row (Once to activate, Once to bring it back down and reset so you can hit it again) and then another object 6 times, and finally the last object once (to heck with resetting it). If you don't solve this puzzle - your main quest is Over.
Puzzle B - Every Other Entrance type puzzle puts the key items that must be activated in front of the entrance. Not this one. One trigger on each side of the head, spin the boxes until the right combination is achieved. Except this won't ever open. You have to go Up a level and out away from this part to find the Third component that also needs to be turned to the proper spot. What is the reason for making this easy to miss, and simply time consuming to run back and forth?
Third - the spike trap is so small moving puts you in a bad position to move to the next valve, so you get to die a couple times.
And the fight with the burning tree... there were 2 of us there... took literally 10 minutes. That was not fun.
Story was kinda cool, a little predictable, but kinda cool.
Also, did not really appreciate having to kill a good guy. Either Kill Talian (sp?) Eveli's friend or don't But if you Don't , according to Wiki, Solga dies. She only lives If he dies. I don't believe in the no win scenario - except when it's written in to the quest.
I did get through it, thank Google and the Wiki, but not doing it again.
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