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Items missing : Urgarlag inventory is incomplete

Urgarlag is right now selling 13 dungeon coffers (for 5 undaunted keys) instead of 15 : Imperial City coffer & Shadow of the Hist coffer are missing.
And she also stopped selling the random shoulder coffer (for 1 undaunted key), this and the 2 other missing coffers resulting in 4 monster sets impossible to complete (for people who didn't complete them prior to last update).
Also, if there is a shoulder page going along the Molten Demise Arms Pack, it's missing from her inventory too.
Her inventory is the same in the 3 undaunted enclaves.
I'm on PC EU
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  • tomofhyrule
    Check the "Known Issues" thread:
    Missing Mystery Coffer from Urgarlag, Imperial City & Shadows of the Hist coffers
    STATUS: Working on a fix for future incremental patch

    Also the "Molten Demise" pack IS NOT the "Magma Incarnate" pack, so she wouldn't have the style pages.
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  • ZOS_Icy

    Due to there already being a thread discussing the missing mystery coffers we are going to close this down so that you may continue the discussion here.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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