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Weapon Emotes - Can We Use Our Equipped Weapon, Please?

Some emotes contain a weapon of some kind, like the Knightly Bow or the Skaal Maul Dance or some of the Swashbuckler personality swaps. I'm sure it's been requested many times, but now I'm asking - can we please have the option to use an equipped weapon for these emotes? If you're not carrying a compatible weapon it could simply use the one built into the emote. I'd love to be able to use some of these emotes but I avoid them because they don't use my weapons.

There have been ways to cheat it over the years, which have been repeatedly broken and fixed. Why not just make it an official feature?
  • Mascen
    Gotta admit it would be nice using knightly bow or the sword singer dance with my usual 2H.

    Main issue is that if you dont have the right type of weapon equipped it just should use the default animation such as the Ancestral Breton 2h for knightly bow
  • LunaFlora
    what's funny is that the Offer Weapon emote uses your weapon regardless of which type it is.

    so it's probably possible to do
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