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Three character selection screen wishes

I do not take issue with the new character selection background, I think it's very pretty (even if it casts some deep shadows on my characters' faces; I could do without those but I can also deal with them). There's another thread about that here with a poll:

Instead I have three other requests per the character selection screen, not specific to this year's background:

1. Just like we can now choose our music, I'd love it if we could choose our background. I like them all, and I miss the ones that are gone!
2. Since the BGs are so pretty, it would be nice to be able to turn off UI in this screen too and take pretty pictures without all the clutter.
3. I would like to see and adjust my online status in the login screen. I never use "appear offline" because whenever I turn it on, I'm likely to forget I did and remain in unintentional sneak mode for weeks until someone tells me they can't whisper me. Having to log in first to activate sneak mode also rather obviates its purpose, so I think the character menu would be the logical place for this option (in addition to the current settings, not instead of them).
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  • Dark_Lord_Kuro
    Mabe takine inspiration of dc universe online character selection? Hit left or right to change your back ground. They used to add one per dlc but stoped back at the end of the ps3 era
  • Bo0137
    Good stuff!
    -On my shoulder, Ms. Ahvine
  • Kendaric
    Agreed, good suggestions. I hope ZOS takes note of them and considers them as addition in Q3 (probably a little late to add them in Q2).
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    • EnerG
      I have a feeling since they let us change CS bgm now that zos will be amenable to letting us change our backgrounds soon, how soon is up to when they have time. But I hope it's before gold roads background is gone, its very pretty.
    • ZOS_Hadeostry

      Because there is a thread already open on this topic, with more responses, we're going to close this one down so that all feedback can be consolidated in one place.

      You may continue the discussion here. Thank you for your understanding.
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