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U41: Issue with stone steps in Gladesong Arboretum

In the patch notes for U41, it noted "Made minor visual adjustments to the following homes:" and Gladesong Arboretum was listed as one of the homes.

The only thing I've noticed that was adjusted and is now worse, relates to the stone steps going down to the overlook at the northwest corner of the home. Going down the steps is fine. But now when I try to run back up the steps, I get stuck on the steps on the right half. I have to run up the steps on the left half of the "staircase" in order to run right up without jumping. This is the case on both sets of steps on the northwest lower path.

@ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_Kevin For awareness -- certainly not a gamebreaking issue, but definitely annoying since I never had any trouble running up those steps prior to U41 patch. (This is my primary home and I spend plenty of time there which is how I noticed it almost immediately this week.)
  • LunaFlora
    ah so the stone steps issue is in Fogbreak Lighthouse and Gladesong Arboretum
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  • Pixiepumpkin
    They must have moved the collision mesh from the stair assets for someting else they are working on, but those are all linked so when they made the change to whatever it is they are working on, it broke anything else with that same asset.

    They did this when Stone Eagle Aerie came out, it broke Stillwaters.
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