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slotted on either bar skills

Ain´t those not or no longer working? Am playing one bar NB (yeah i am lazy and lag in cyro drove me away from even trying 2 bars after release of oakensoul ...) but neither i get the permaglow indicator that a grim focus morph is working nor do i get the new passive health restore from siphoning strikes morph (or it ain´t shown in combat log cause its new but i doubt that). So anyone else having that issue? Have tried second bar with weapon and without slotted but no difference for me.

Switching to a 2 bar setup and back to my normal loadout did btw nothing too.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    they changed it awhile ago so that if you are using something like oaken which disables one bar, it disables all of the "passive slot" skills that are on the bar that is disabled

    not sure if there are any issues with the skills on a normal 2 bar setup though, i havent thoroughly looked at it
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  • Alaya
    I still have the grim focus glow, and my status effects have leeching strikes active. Of course, I am not an oakensoul user.
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