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I suggest you consider the myths and tell me what you think about it

Gloves of an innate fighter(medium) -
    All your damage is reduced by 50%, but in return you get 1000% damage with bare fists

The Mantle of the Intact Phoenix(light) -
  • After your death, the spirit of the phoenix bursts out of your body, stunning all opponents within a radius of 7 meters and revives you by granting the "Major Expedition" buff. Recharge time is 2 minutes
Commander-in-Chief's Cuirass(Heavy) -
  • While you are riding, you cannot be stunned, slowed down, stopped, or thrown off a riding animal

The helmet of the siege commander (Heavy) -
  • While you are standing behind a siege weapon, you get a shield absorbing 6k damage. Your siege weapons also break 50% slower. The shield recharges every 10 seconds and only works when you are standing behind a siege weapon
Amulet of strong will -
  • The damage from status effects and periodic damage that you receive is reduced by 40%, but major and minor defile is constantly active
  • Fire/Lightning Staff of severe wounds(weapon) - Heavy attack damage yours increases by 70% if your target is a vampire/werewolf, heavy attack damage increases by 100%. Applies to all targets (mobs and players)

The Bow of the Great Huntress(weapon) -
  • If your stamina level is less than 25%, every 5 seconds you throw a trap under your feet to immobilize the target chasing you, if your stamina level is less than 50%, the jump height increases by 100%, if your stamina level is less than 75%, sprint costs are reduced by 30%
The Ring of the furious Berserker -
  • As soon as your health level gets below 40% damage received is reduced by 50%, your damage is increased by 20%, but your healing is reduced by 70% и получаете minore expedition. Recharge time is 2 minutes

The Invader's Belt(light) -
  • Allows you to use a crossbow with a strong rope to climb the fortress wall if it is under attack

The pants of the great Werewolf King(medium) -
  • As long as you are in shape, the turnover power of your abilities increases by 50%. When dealing critical damage to a werewolf's abilities, you receive 1 charge of "Rage of the Werewolf King" every 2 second. In total, you can accumulate 30 charges. As soon as you accumulate 30 charges, you get the opportunity to summon a furious wolf companion. But this way you get 40% more disease-causing damage.

The Amulet of Akatosh's Power -
  • When taking damage, you accumulate a charge of "scream power". (no more than one charge per second). After accumulating 30 charges, you get the opportunity to use the "ruthless force" synergy towards opponents, dealing them 20k magic damage and 10k additional damage for 5 seconds. Hit opponents are thrown 10 meters back (this cannot be blocked). The time of the synergy cast is 1 second and it can be knocked down, then the charges will all disappear and they will need to be saved up again

The gloves of a sneaky alchemist(medium) -
  • You create a poisonous puddle under your feet within a radius of 20 meters, slowing down opponents by 40%, the power of potions is reduced by 70% for opponents who fall into the puddle, and if opponents have poisons, they act on their carrier, not on the enemy

The shoulder pad of a secretive traitor(medium) -
  • if you deal damage using the "Magic Detonation" ability to opponents who heal themselves or nearby targets. Then their healing turns into reverse healing and explodes by the amount of healing they received and deals damage to everyone within a 7 meter radius.

A sledgehammer of desiccation(2H) -
  • When dealing damage, the sledgehammer drains the opponent's life force and reduces his physical resistance by 200, granting it to you in the form of a physical penetration (no more than 200 times in 2 seconds). The maximum amount of kidnapping and gaining physical resistance is 6k, This counter only works on one target and is reset if the target dies.
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