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Buff Class Sets

I mean obviously. Other than the DK one, how many people do you know are actually using any of the class sets? I cannot name any nightblades, templars, or sorcerers that are actually using these sets, outside testing them to see what they do. Warden and Arcanist are okay since they're support oriented and not terrible, not sure about Necro (I have no real way to suggest how to change this one, or if it's doing good cause I don't play necro), and DK actually got something good. Here's some suggestions:

Soulcleaver: a 18% increase in damage and healing to a skill line that has 3 damaging skills... A mediocre AOE, a ranged attack that heals and doesn't do enough damage to be competitive (even with this set), and a dot. Oh, and it costs 1 ult per attack. Let's look at a similar set, and explain why it's good: Deadly. Deadly increases the damage of DOTs and Channeled attacks by 15%. Why is this good? Because two of the best damage spammables in the game are channels, and DOTs are common in the game, making it useful for the two classes that can utilize it properly (with the spammables I mentioned). Why isn't Soulcleaver good? Well because it effects, essentially, 3 skills, none of which are particularly good, it's only a 3% increase up from Deadly (if it worked with these skills, which it doesn't for the most part), and it costs ult. It increases healing, sure, but that only effects one skill, and it already does a ton of healing so adding more doesn't really add more to the skill line.
Remove the Ult cost, buff the damage bonus back up to 25-30% and reduce the healing buff to 10% if you're gonna leave it as is, and even with this buff, it won't be meta. It'll just be an okay alternative. It should also add something else, like a chance to cause enemies hit with your Siphoning abilities to drain health for 5 seconds, causing a magic damage dot and healing you. Or something. It doesn't need to be big, or if it is big, it could just be a really low proc chance. But SOMETHING.

Wrathsun: It requires too many charges to be useful. Reduce the charges and lower the cooldown, and it'll be fine. Dunno if it'll be BiS even if it's perfect for what it is, but it'll be useable at least.

Sorc set: Dunno. The radius is too small, the proc chance makes setting the pinions too inconsistent, the damage is too low... I say scrap the effect, and have it inflict enemies with the pinions, causing the lightning to bounce between three enemies rather than set locations, and when an enemy that has one dies, it explodes with lightning. If you inflict it on one enemy, the damage just tics away on it. It would keep the effect of having this lightning field, but making it attached to enemies makes it more useable.

Edited by merpins on March 9, 2024 3:15AM
  • BXR_Lonestar
    I'm actually farming the necro set to try on my Necrotank. I've got a friend who has it and has a really strong Necrotank build using it so we're playing around with it. I think it is being slept on.
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