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Green CP "Inspiration Boost" Need Help Please!

Hi Everyone,

I am an end game player 3k CP+ and have about 50 unused Green CP points to spend. Was looking at inspiration Boost as i only have 10 Pts in it. My question is this. I do not understand Inspiration except when I was a Lower CP I used to get it. Is It Capped? What is it? Is this CP a complete waste for End Game?

I have looked for Information on it, but nothing is super clear. It is a Free Slotted but I still do not want to waste points on something if it gives me no benefit. until i have no choice.

If someone could answer this i would appreciate it.

Thank You.

Regards ElderSmitter
  • PeacefulAnarchy
    It serves no purpose once your characters are at 50 in all craft skills. CP can be slotted on new characters, so it can be useful for high CP players, but once the character maxes out the crafting skills no reason to have points in it.
  • Nestor
    Look in the tree just below the Inspiration, there is a star that does not need to be slotted you can invest in. IIRC it increases gold gained. Or something useful like that.
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  • ElderSmitter
    Thanks. I did not think it was needed anymore but there was no clear answer. I appreciate it.
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