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Infinite Archive, not getting 3rd verse choice with Sweeter Deal unlocked

Anyone have this issue? I've got the Sweeter Deal upgrade unlocked however I'm only getting two verse choices. Been that way for a while now. I've got all the unknown portal upgrades unlocked and purchased.
  • fizl101
    Haven't had that problem, it worked the next run for me after unlocking the upgrade. Always worth double checking you actually bought the upgrade after completing the 5 difficulty levels of the side quest, brain drain occasionally happens :)
    Soupy twist
  • SilverBride
    Do you have both of these?

    Sweeter Deal: Access to a third Verse choice.
    Filer Kor’s Truesight: Access to a third Vision choice.
  • Veinblood1965
    That's weird it just showed up this last run. Getting three choices now.
  • Sarannah
    When you buy an upgrade for the IA, it states that it does not count for the CURRENT run. But only starts working from the next run on.
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