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Could scribing bring skills to a dragonguard skill line?

Since they're already supposedly going back to guild and world skills along with weapons, do y'all think they should have a scribing grimoire to begin a dragonguard skill line?
  • LunaFlora
    what would a dragonguard skill line have for skills?
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  • Malyore
    LunaFlora wrote: »
    what would a dragonguard skill line have for skills?

    No clue. I would have never guessed that the psijic skill line would look like it does. I don't want to get overzealous with specific ideas. It just seems like a good place to put new abilities that aren't bound to a weapon or overfill the other guild lines. Especially since this guild already exists with nothing other than quests for it.

    I'd imagine dragonguard stuff would be focused on well, combating dragons. Maybe mirroring the fighters guild line– abilities have bonuses to dragons but are still applicable in pve and scaled properly for pvp.
    If the soul line gets lots of new favor and is aimed for magic users, maybe dragonguard could be the alternative for melee users.
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