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Free Writ Vouchers from Daily Endeavors?

Since when do we get Writ Vouchers from completing our Daily Endeavors? It is not much but free Writ Vouchers are Free Writ Vouchers. I did not see this in the Crafters Celebration Event Information. I just want to make sure this is not a Bug. I did not notice getting free Writ Vouchers Yesterday from Endeavors
  • tmbrinks
    The weekly is writ vouchers, and the daily for the last 2 days (at least) has been them.

    Yesterday was Blacksmithing themed... today is Clothing themed... I'd bet tomorrow is Woodworking :joy:
    Edited by tmbrinks on February 17, 2024 8:28PM
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  • Grizzbeorn
    It has been a thing all week, or most of the week, anyway.
    Not a bug.
    Edited by Grizzbeorn on February 17, 2024 8:30PM
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    • ElderSmitter
      Great thanks! I never noticed and do them every day lol.. Thanks!
    • Syldras
      Great thanks! I never noticed and do them every day lol.. Thanks!

      The rewards are listed next to the endeavor. It's always seals of endeavor, but occasionally you also get something else on top, like gold or inspiration (crafting xp).
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