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Armor motifs lower drop rate than weapon motifs?

I have run Scrivener's Hall on vet so many times I have stopped counting. I have gathered someting like 3 times dagger motif, 2 times staff motif, 4 times sword motif, 2 times bow, 1 time club and only one belt and only one boot motif. I understand that considering that there are probably a bit more weapon motifs than armor motifs the probability that the motif that drops is a weapon motif is slightly higher. But like this? That is so weird.
  • Pixiepumpkin
    Ya, that seems to be the case.

    You can also look at TTC to see what motifs are being sold, and their prices. The lower price motifs are often weapons becasue there are more of them being obtained in the world. Seeing as how there is no choice in what motif drops, its a safe assumption that ZOS has biased the drop rate towards weapons.

    On a personal note, I think this sucks because I don't use weapon skins for the most part (I use gloambound on just about everything becasue it hides teh weapons when sheathed).

    I care more for the armor motifs as those are the ones I will most likely be using.
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  • MafiaCat115
    After years of playing, I swear that weapon motifs drop more often. Especially maces. That seems like the page I'm most likely to have extras of, and it is one of the first that I end up getting.
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