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"Gold Road": can I give a pet and a mount to another person?

When I received my "GOLD ROAD DELUXE UPGRADE", codes for wolves became available to me, but I was never interested in pets. Would it be a violation if I gave them to another player?

upd: I want to add that this Steam version is a gift, and I really have 3 codes. When I activated the Golden Road, the animals did not appear in the game. That's why I asked myself the question, what if I give them away?
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  • Danikat
    I haven't bought Gold Road yet, but when I bought previous expansions I didn't get a seperate code for the pre-order or deluxe items, I just got one code for the entire package so there was no way to seperate it out.

    The one exception is when I originally bought the game, I got a boxed copy and it came with 1 piece of paper with an account key and a seperate one with a code for the pre-order items, but I suspect that's because it was easier for ZOS to manufacture it that way - they could just create and print a bunch of account codes and just put the additional code into the first batch of boxes.
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  • belial5221_ESO
    The codes are already associated with your account,and will activate when it's out.It's leftover coding,and others won't be able to use em.I tried it on other accounts before in past,and never worked.

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  • FeedbackOnly
    Impossible but nice gesture
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