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[SUGGESTION] Ressource node construction for new zones

Ideally also for existing zones but probably too much rework. But for new zones it should be possible to implement.

Objective: Prevent farm macro bots or similar farm bots that currently harvest entire zones empty - at least on PC EU (very strong during the day, a BIT better after-work hours).

Means of implementation:
Instead of defining a precise spot for the ressource node where it spawns, define a small zone (diameter minimum 2m better 3 or 4m) in which the ressource spawns at a random location. This gives a fixed overall position for the ressource but not precise enough for a macro to just run to it and grab it as the player would have to actually see it.

The issue of uneven ground can be solved to avoid floating ressources. Probably does not need specific measures anywhay if node zones are placed at locations with limited altitude gradient.
  • Ishtarknows
    I thought bot accounts only played in base game areas rather than any paid for DLC areas which would mean they'd never see the "new zones" you mention. Any changes to nodes with the intent to hamper bots would need to cover base game areas, which as you say, would probably be too much work for little gain.
  • AnduinTryggva
    No, also DLC zones are pretty farmed since at least a few weeks now.
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