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Ability to purchase Dungeon DLC's prior to launch

I'm usually not fond of the pre-order culture, and wouldn't be pro this on a new AAA game as I'd prefer wait for a proper review, but the sudden release of a small DLC dungeon pack causes a sudden spike in the crown market. If their was an option to pre-purchase the Dungeon pack prior to its release this would ease the acquisition of the DLC and not mess with the crown market so much. Also allowing all players to play at launch rather than try to find a crown/gold trader after release.

Those with ESO+ have technically already pre-acquired it
Those without ESO+ will hammer the crown market on day 0
Those who don't care won't be phased either way
  • Danikat
    Players without ESO+ have the option to buy crown packs to get DLC at a fixed price, or to buy them during a sale to get it slightly cheaper.

    ZOS don't officially support selling crowns for gold via gifting, they know it happens of course and have taken steps to prevent it being used for real-money trading but other than that I don't think they support it. I certainly can't see them scheduling DLC releases around ensuring the buyers get better prices.

    (If anything I suspect they'd want to do the opposite, because when the price of crowns bought with gold goes up more players have an incentive to buy crowns with real money to sell them for gold.)
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