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Humanoid character models look terrible to me

I'm surprised I haven't heard anyone else mention this. I look at my characters (humans and Altmer, mostly), both male and female, and wonder who modelled them. I understand the need for lower polygon models in any game, let alone an mmo, but I've seen many lower polygon character models over the years that look a lot more realistic than these. [snip] I mean, these models are objectively inferior to those in most other games. How does nobody playing seem to mind this? I'm genuinely curious/concerned. Would anyone consider my opinion here to be nit-picky?

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  • Springey
    They’re not meant to look realistic.
    I'd agree on the humans looking weird in the zones the game released with but I see no problem with them outside of that, they look just fine to me.
  • Kite42
    Don't show this guy the horses...
  • Grizzbeorn
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    • kaffeend
      Springey wrote: »
      They’re not meant to look realistic.


      At around 5:00 minutes, he states that his director wanted him (and presumably the rest of the team) to focus on "realism and detail".

    • TaSheen
      I'm happy with the characters here. They're much better than in other games I've played in the past. They're realistic enough already.

      And you don't know what "the director" viewed as realistic either.

      But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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    • Syldras
      Early screenshots of ESO (before release) showed a very stylized, comic-like architecture. Compared to that, the final style definitively looked much more realistic and natural.

      Look at this as an example:

      And with character models, it was probably the same.
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    • kaffeend
      Okay. Clearly the characters look amazing, and my eyes are just wrong. ZOS obviously have the best artists in the industry in their employ. Artists studying human anatomy should just look at ESO's characters, instead of actual people.
    • metheglyn
      It's just a difference of opinion. You don't like the way the character models look; others do.

      I've never been put off by the way they look.
    • valenwood_vegan
      *shrug* they're not totally perfect, but also a lot better than a lot of other games I've played. Though it's true that the game is ten years old now and getting a bit dated, particularly when looking at things in base game zones. But I think my characters look great and overall eso's graphics have help up decently well over the years.
    • AnduinTryggva
      I think the human male looks ok.

      What I struggle with is mostly human female. It is extremely hard to even impossible to create a female head (same race) that looks nice but different from the female character of the same race that you created before, even if you try hard.
    • Soarora
      The only model I have issues with is actually argonian, particularly female argonian. I like the rest fine.
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    • Erickson9610
      I don't really mind the humanoid models, maybe because I don't look too closely at them. Though, I do have a strong opinion of the werewolf model, since I do use Werewolf Transformation — there are many small issues with that werewolf model overall that warrant another art pass.

      If the humanoid models are as bad as you say, then maybe both the humanoid and the werewolf models need another art pass.
    • Vaqual
      I have definitely seen worse. I am quite happy with my characters, just a few more combinations of already available beard elements would be cool.
    • Kendaric
      The character models are fine as is, at least the male ones. I can't/won't judge the females as I only play male characters though.

      What isn't fine are often the NPC appearances, especially in the base game.
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      • SkaiFaith
        kaffeend wrote: »
        Okay. Clearly the characters look amazing, and my eyes are just wrong. ZOS obviously have the best artists in the industry in their employ. Artists studying human anatomy should just look at ESO's characters, instead of actual people.

        If you want to really feel wrong, try asking for character models that look like those of Korean games - it seems to be a huge no-no here XD which I get it, I played Elder Scrolls since Morrowind and I know it's not its style, but still... They undeniably look better, to me. Others have different opinions and those are fair as well.
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