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Gold Road announcement impressions

Hi everyone.

Normally i only create posts based on feedback about frost warden, but today i just wanted to make a small post of appreciation for the reveal of Gold Road. for a few years now, i've sort of been hovering around the game, playing it less and less every year because i felt like the combat in the game was still fun, but also stale and lacking something to spruce it up on existing characters. I really only play frost warden at this point and i have been incredibly disappointed by several of the systems announced every year since blackwood. the systems announced during blackwood, high isle and necrom really didn't do anything for me personally, though their inclusion i would say has been overall positive for the game. Companions are a neat system for solo content, Tales of Tribute is actually quite good as far as a card game goes and arcanist is a cool class. But i personally have been waiting for a new system of combat spells/skills or even a new weapon for a long time that i was able to use in combat on my frost warden. spell crafting and a new magic weapon type were among my top items on my wishlist. And this year we got spell crafting! though it's not called it, it's exactly what i had hoped for from that type of system.

I'm excited about it because i'm finally able to create more frost damage spells for my character and really customise the effects for them. All i've realistically wanted for the longest time is more viable frost damage skills, and now that's finally here, along with a system that promises nearly endless customisation to them. I'm the type of gamer that enjoys playing something for thematics at the highest ends of content as i play trials as a frost warden, and i main frost death knight when mythic raiding in world of warcraft. so scribing really does what i've been looking for, for a long time. i really hope one of the spells we can use is a customisable summon. i'd love to have a frost atronach pet for dps.

I also wanted to talk about how awesome the West Weald zone is. for years now the zones have been really awesome to look at and roam around in and i've taken a lot of inspiration as a fledgling level designer. Blackwood has been my favourite since it's release, but High Isle has been really incredible too but honestly, this one might take the cake, especially if it has a good frost damage set in it. :tongue:

Skill Skins coming to the game is also a huge win in my book. many people i know have been asking for this thing for YEARS. especially for animal companions skills, though i know there's no class skins right now, i will absolutely purchase a frost animal companions package in a heartbeat if thats created. i spent a lot of money on the customised frosty actions for the rune gathering and recall, as well as the polymorph and all of the other frosty related stuff from the all-maker crates. i'm a bit of a whale for frost stuff. and running around decking runestones with an ice fist really gathers a level of dopamine in my brain that not much else can achieve.

thanks ZOS, this year is gonna be great!
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