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How to buy tickets for the "ESO 10-Year Celebration Event"?

I was just looking to purchase a ticket for the "ESO 10-Year Celebration Event". I followed the link in the official article on the website and filled in the form. Unfortunately when I proceeded to the check-out there was no normal payment method (credit card only). Does anybody know if there is a page where I can select a normal payment method (like iDeal, Paypal etc.)? Or is there any other vendor selling tickets for the event?

To add to this: the event is organised in the Netherlands, where I live. If someone is selling something in or shipping to our country (including tickets for an physical event), it is mandatory by law to offer at least two payment options of which one is always iDeal. I was a bit surprised to only see credit card as payment option, which is illegal (basically nobody uses or even has a credit card in our country, our financial system is based on debit card only). For my regular Elder Scrolls purchases I always use iDeal on the Elder Scrolls website, so there should be a way?
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