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Wrothgarian Welwa and Durzog Mounts

Anyone else think its beyond time for these traditionally Orcish working animals and pets to be given the Pariah Folk treatment?
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  • TaSheen
    Personally? No. Ugh. But those who want them, fine.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • IsharaMeradin
    There are some durzog and welwa mounts already. It would just be a matter of re-skinning to look like those found in Wrothgar. So... if there were enough interest and ZOS thought they'd get enough coin out of it, it might happen.

    I am okay with it either way to be honest.
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  • Faulgor
    There is an Iron Orc Welwa mount. Probably one of my favorite mounts.

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  • Kendaric
    Anyone else think its beyond time for these traditionally Orcish working animals and pets to be given the Pariah Folk treatment?

    They'd definitely be far better than all the glowing mounts ZOS tends to release. I might even find use for a welva mount for one or more of my characters.
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    • NotaDaedraWorshipper
      Been wanting an echatere for years. An existing animal both in lore and in game that is domesticated, yet what we get as mounts is unheard of illogical things with glowing affects.

      I also want a fur-covered welwa, like the Iron Orc Welwa (which took years), but without big, thick armour stuck on it.

      Durzogs at least comes without a lot of armour stuck to them and in many colours. Wish the Frostborn Durzog Mangler returned, though.
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