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Sharing Favorite Social Interactions

Thought it would be nice to make a post sharing stories of our favorite social interactions in ESO.

When I first started ESO in 2015 I played in Cyrodil the same time every night. Always met up with the same group and had a good time in Xbox voice chat just goofing around in below level 50.

A couple years ago when old town road was on the radio nonstop I came across a guy on a horse blaring the song. I went next to him and started jumping around on the horse. Before long atleast 15-20 people all jumping on their horses in town while the song played.

Along with these two just random encounters with very nice people n various dungeons and trials as they helped teach me mechanics instead of judging.
  • SkaiFaith
    I remember in Spring 2017 playing on Xbox EU and standing at the Vulkhel Guard Dolmen to grind to level 50 and first CPs, as at that time Dolmens had a cooldown but would respawn even if others were already active in the region.

    Staying there I would emote with a ton of other players and I remember seeing a beautiful female character, around CP 800 that for some reason always got stormed by other male characters that were trying to impress. I don't know if they were talking in voice chat but it always seemed to me that she was never even remotely interested, and it was fun to me seeing them "worship" her XD

    Real fun started when I decided to swap my male characters to female, so that I could spend less in crown costumes - every Valentine's Day I apparently "break some hearts" since I always receive whispers on those days that adulate me. I never know how to react and sometimes I just run away... That lady at Vulkhel Guard Dolmen comes back to mind in those situations - she was really bada*, cool!
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