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ESO keeping up with other mmos

You know I saw a thread that said this and than was praised and people saying stuff like "Ha yeah right the real question is are other mmos keeping up with eso" like they made a point and sorta shows people will accept the most bare bones, lack luster content every year and actually be happy with it.

Idk seeing the global reveal was really lack luster and leaves a lot to be desired. I think they're slowly winding down on the amount of content with every chapter and focusing a lot of their time and development into the next MMO they're working on. Not to mention the game doesn't really get a lot of stuff with every chapter anyway. Necrom gave us a copy pasted dumbed down verison of FFXIV endless dungeon and we got a new class finally. 10 year mark and 30 years for tes and the only thing that looked like it could be something is the scib system the rest is meh. It pains me to see other mmo teams like blizzard going crazy and adding flying dragons and talking about rebuilding the foundation of wow and already have 3 expansions in development on the way and all we got is a customizable skill.

I'm not saying we need or want anything wow has but side by side one is getting major updates with all sorts of content and systems and all we get is scrbing. Sigh. I can't see this game lasting 3 more chapters adding in such lack luster content that doesn't actually add much and then we have to wait another YEAR to get a little system that change the game a little bit. Say what you want but this game feels like it's on life support, I wish they put as much work into content as they do their cash shop.

You guys are free to get mad and report because you don't like people talking about eso in a negative light but it's the truth. As much as I love eso the content to dollar $ just isn't justified anymore and that's not even the problem, I could carless about spending money but when are they going to start doing some revolutionary stuff and actually expanding the formula and doing innovations instead its just the same old same old. Seems like we just get less and less with the same old formula over and over again. With a few chapters being a surprise like morrowind and necrom but for the most part the rest is just eh. Really could've just not bought most if not all DLCS they add next to nothing worthwhile besides the OP mythics those are the real selling points of chapters.

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  • Pixiepumpkin
    I am curious to see how scribing plays out, but ya...its tough for people who play wow because the amount of content they release for any given expansion is insane when compared to ESO, even over a 2 years period.

    Then when you consider the cost difference between wow and ESO where you obtain collectables in wow through playing vs crown store...it gets even tougher.

    I too feel like its winding down, although that sentiment will be met with huge backlash becasue the minute people know a game is on its way out, they stop spending money.

    I wonder if zenimax feels like they have reached maximum saturation with ESO and feel it safest from a business perspective to keep cost down, which will only create a downward spiral.

    I really enjoy ESO housing, its my favorite thing about the game. But truth be told, if wow had housing on a level I deemeed acceptiable, I'd be over there right now. But, they refuse to implement it, so ESO gets my money for now.
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  • Melivar
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions of course but I am pretty stoked about what's coming this year, more so than the last two by miles. This will be the first time in a few cycles that I am planning on getting the pre-order sooner than later. Scribing has a ton of potential yet doesn't seem to be game breaking out of the gate but time will tell.

    ZOS knows their audience and sees the numbers and only mildly tweaks the approach most of the time so in their eyes its working and perhaps there is no need to make drastic changes for the masses.

    What other games do is on them, and while yes Blizzard has announced a much more broad roadmap than they have in the past it's hard to say if that's the new norm or that they are bleeding players so much that they are grasping at changes to keep the player base in check and from exploring other options.
  • Stx
    One thing to note is that every player base for every MMO is very critical of that game. The wow forums are also full of posts complaining about the quality of content / balance.

    As someone who has enjoyed WoW, ESO, and Guild Wars 2 since they all launched, I will agree that the content this game puts out is not worth the price they are charging. ESO is very expensive compared to both wow and gw2, at least for me, because I haven’t been able to enjoy the game without subbing to ESO+.

    I am however excited for scribing so I will remain optimistic about that system.
  • ZOS_Icy

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    Thank you for your understanding.
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