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What’s the selling point this year…..?

Necromancer,Card game,Arcanist………
Each year we get a selling point for the game….
I hope this year it’s good enough to keep me playing ESO or will it be something that makes me feel like it’s time to move on.
  • Elsonso
    We find out in about 24 hours...
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  • Cooperharley
    That's what the global reveal is for homie - it REVEALS stuff like that :)
  • Michaelkeir
    Going to Skingrad is probably the luring point of this update. The main feature most people are “guessing” is spell crafting. I think it is going to be spell customization honestly.
  • LunaFlora
    We will see in tomorrow's livestream!
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  • SpacemanSpiff1
    maybe there will be some sort of announcement for ZOS's plan this year.
  • LanteanPegasus
    The only "selling points" (in OP's sense of the phrase) that were interesting to me were Antiquities and Companions.
    I enjoy getting leads, collected lots of nice furniture, the mount, and made me an Oakensoul and Wild Hunt ring. Plus, I love the Glowing Treasure Trove passive.
    And I never go anywhere without Bastian, he's a great guy, I just love having him around and hearing his comments. (He's also really helpful when doing bosses, or dungeons with only one friend.)

    The others just... weren't selling points for me.
    I only have one main character since 2016, and he's a Dragon Knight. I don't have a Warden, and wouldn't have been even remotely interested in either a Necromancer or an Arcanist, even if I wanted to make a new character.
    I don't play Tales of Tribute (too busy playing ESO ;) ), and so far can't remember having used Jewel Crafting for more than daily crafting quests. (Because the jewelry I need tends to be non-craftable. Or do you need it to reconstruct jewelry? In that case that would be the only thing I do with it besides dailies.) I don't PvP, so Battlegrounds do nothing for me. Oh, I almost forgot about the Psijic skill line. Have it, but never use it, either.

    That said - the "selling point" of a new chapter for me always are the new zones and new quests. More to do and to explore for my character. Collecting some nice new things on the way. That's what I play ESO for. No gimmicks and frippery needed.
  • Fata1moose
    I was going to say vet overland and romanceable companions but the former would be base game and the latter would require whichever chapter the companion came from. Although I wouldn’t buy this years chapter without a vet overland.

    Hopefully we get a weapon skill line like spears or destruction skill line.
  • gariondavey
    It won't be pvp, that's for sure
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  • TheMessengerOfDeath
    We need a eso version of mario kart for a mini game LOL
  • TaSheen
    We need a eso version of mario kart for a mini game LOL

    Eww. No thanks.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • RebornV3x
    I don't know for 10 years the selling point should have been look at how different the game is since release and how much we have improved the game and then sell up the Skyrim nostalgia and have Winterhold as chapter I would say like TESO: reimagined or something I think remaster is too much but that should have been the sell point oh well.
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  • TheMessengerOfDeath
    TaSheen wrote: »
    We need a eso version of mario kart for a mini game LOL

    Eww. No thanks.

    Nothing is worse than Tales Of Tribute
  • Pixiepumpkin
    We need a eso version of mario kart for a mini game LOL

    Well...there is the jousting area in High Isle at the castle (I forget its name). Place is LEGIT.

    So, we know that mounted competitiver sport is a thing in ESO, so while mario kart might be a bit extreme with dwemer vehicles, some form of mounted/vehicular competiton is not far fetched.

    I'd buy it!

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  • Seraphayel
    The new selling point starts with s and ends with g. Now go figure out! Sewing, seasoning, spellcrafting, seducing...
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