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What do you think of the new player experience in ESO?

Do you believe the experience to be positive, average, or negative?

Please leave a comment discussing what you would improve, what you love about it, some changes to the beginning of the game you'd suggest, etc.

What do you think of the new player experience in ESO? 76 votes

40% 31 votes
19% 15 votes
39% 30 votes
  • Soarora
    It's been a while since I was new so I don't feel I can accurately vote. I do think there are a lot of things that could be done though. An advanced combat tutorial, better descriptions in sets (role/usage/how many players the proc hits/etc), revamped build suggestions and maybe links to build websites made by creators zos have partnerships with, a quest menu that shows the ideal order of doing quests...
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  • TaSheen
    I loved that I didn't HAVE to follow any given questing experience. I wandered all over for the first couple of years I played -- I eventually finished the Prophet MQ (after about 18 months) and then went on to Cadwell's Silver and Gold. Then I quested wherever sounded like fun, and I still do that to this day.

    I hate being "railroaded" in games - so this one suits me perfectly. I can do anything I want, in any order I want to do it, whenever I feel like it.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • Destai
    The game itself is good, don't get me wrong. The new player/character experience, while improved, is still overall negative. For me, the biggest problems are the amount of legwork it takes to get a character up and running, and the sheer amount of content that's dumped on me. The game is 10 years old and many of us are on our 20th toon; I wanna create a toon and start on the content.

    Here's what I see as problems:

    1. Quest delivery is intrusive. There are simply too many NPCs that hound the player into doing their quest. The moment I create a new character, I get hounded to talk my benefactor. The moment I land in Necrom, I'm seeing Leramil in at least 5 different spots. It's too much. If I'm a new player, I'm still likely getting my bearings and having things dumped on me doesn't help with that. Every person I've managed to get into the game has said the first experience is overwhelming. Solution: Plant NPCs in one place and let me adopt them at my own leisure.
    2. Chronology is hard to understand. I have no way of knowing what the chronological order of any of the content is. Sure, I can read a book series in any order, but there's still some chronology inherent to the content. Solution: Use the Stories menu to store the zone quests just like Dungeon quests. In that menu, provide some information about chronological order and it's relevant prologue quest.
    3. Acquiring skill lines is tedious. When I create a new toon, I have to make sure I go through equipping multiple sets of armor, get a kill with a restoration staff, talk to the guilds, get crafting certified, and go to Cyrodiil. Solution: The moment I get out of the tutorial, I should have all skill lines unlocked. All guilds, all armors, weapons. All of it. Start em at 0 or 1, but have them unlocked. And especially if I'm a seasoned character, those lines should be unlocked as soon as I skip the tutorial.
    4. Horse training takes the joy out of the mount experience. Let's say I'm a new character and there's a shiny mount in the store. I drop ~40 on it and then trot slowly along while players can literally walk faster than me. That's not a fun experience, I'm sorry. Solution: Horse training should be account wide and purchasable in one setting like bag and bank upgrades.

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  • wilykcat
    I think the new player experience is ok 👍.
  • LunaFlora
    from what i remember it's positive.

    but it probably helps that this isn't my first Elder Scrolls game nor first mmo
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  • DrNukenstein
    The game does not teach you how to play it

    Even though the ride to CP160 is like a month long tutorial

    I remember asking myself "Do I really want to stick with it?"
  • Northwold
    Good recent thread on this here, though there have been many.

    In summary, it's pretty bad. No, that's too polite. It's utterly dreadful.
    Edited by Northwold on January 17, 2024 8:11PM
  • Soarora
    TaSheen wrote: »
    I loved that I didn't HAVE to follow any given questing experience. I wandered all over for the first couple of years I played -- I eventually finished the Prophet MQ (after about 18 months) and then went on to Cadwell's Silver and Gold. Then I quested wherever sounded like fun, and I still do that to this day.

    I hate being "railroaded" in games - so this one suits me perfectly. I can do anything I want, in any order I want to do it, whenever I feel like it.

    It is a good option but I have seen people stress about quest order, so an in-game menu showing the order of quests would be beneficial for those who are overwhelmed.
    PC/NA Dungeoneer (Tank/DPS/Heal), Trialist (DPS/Tank/Heal), and amateur Battlegrounder (DPS) with a passion for The Elder Scrolls lore
  • TaSheen
    Soarora wrote: »
    TaSheen wrote: »
    I loved that I didn't HAVE to follow any given questing experience. I wandered all over for the first couple of years I played -- I eventually finished the Prophet MQ (after about 18 months) and then went on to Cadwell's Silver and Gold. Then I quested wherever sounded like fun, and I still do that to this day.

    I hate being "railroaded" in games - so this one suits me perfectly. I can do anything I want, in any order I want to do it, whenever I feel like it.

    It is a good option but I have seen people stress about quest order, so an in-game menu showing the order of quests would be beneficial for those who are overwhelmed.

    Yes, I've always agreed when people have suggested that sort of thing. I just don't have any use for it myself. Obviously, if it existed (well, I know there's a couple of places to get at least part of the quests in order) I wouldn't bother with it, but likely there would be a lot of people who would be happy.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

    PC NA, PC EU (non steam)- three accounts, many alts....
  • ghastley
    New player experience took a drop as soon as the idea of starting in the latest chapter took hold. New characters need to start in a starter zone with no World Bosses or Encounters to blunder into. Starter zones can have more craft material nodes, so the player can get equipped faster, etc.

    I’m not arguing for more starter zones, just starting in the ones we have. The chronology issues also come from starting “in the middle”, so reverting to those, even if it is not always a Coldharbour Vestige start, fixes a lot. The later tutorials were useful, but you exited them into the wrong zones. Perhaps a choice of tutorial location in character gen, with each tutorial ending with a choice of starter zone? You could learn the basics in Balfiera, or the Adeptorium, or any of the now-lost quests, prior to going through a portal to Khenarthi’s Roost, Bleakrock, or Stros M’kai.

    Hooded figure in starter zone or Alliance zone 1, probably doesn’t matter. They could even be the fourth choice at the end of the tutorial.
    From what I remember when I was new in 2019 the fun part was it felt like the game had an endless amount of content.

    But what I also remember is that the game dosent learn you anything so it can be abit overwhelming when you want to do dungeons and stuff with players.
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    I think that the biggest issue is that the map is still cluttered with other DLC quests. It is kinda like a maze.

    Currently we have 3 types of quest markers: Daily Quest, Normal Quest and Main Quest. Every DLC Quest has same icon as Base Game Main Quest, as it is also a "Main Quest", but from the DLC & not the Base Game.

    Some different quest icons or maybe colours or some indication would be very helpful. So a new player will know that this is DLC stuff, this is Base Game stuff etc.
  • Tyrant_Tim
    As a new player, ESO caters to you.

    Overland content is a breeze.
    I don’t consider this to be a problem.
    New players get to experiment with their builds and create their own unique style of play with the expectation that they will all work, because even Restoration Staff damage dealers can still kill world bosses. With the natural progression in difficulty from base game to the most recent expansion zones, it’s great.

    Overland is where it stops.
    Welcome to the race to endgame.
    When you start getting into group content, everything becomes a damage race and the game feels less fun and more like a chore and who can blame people for feeling that way? ESO is designed to put you through the same dungeon hundreds of times through the random queue that is necessary for Transmutes or for a full set of gear that sounds remotely interesting to you.

    Although ESO is a gear-based game, there is a level of experience that one must have to be successful in group-play and a new player isn’t going to have that. Therefore, those same players are going to find themselves kicked constantly, or badgered about how low their performance is if they can’t grasp the core concepts of the game yet.
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  • chessalavakia_ESO
    When I was originally new to the game, I didn't have a great time.

    I found many of the quests were unappealing to me which lead to my character being under leveled for the content I wanted to do which made the actual combat a bit of a slog and I eventually quit due to the combat.

    Back then, the game didn't have the outfit system it does now so I ended up using disguises to make my characters look good enough I wasn't annoyed looking at them.

    I came back after Morrowind because I had a blast in Morrowind when I was younger and wanted to see if it would be fun to go back. I had a better time then because I liked many of the quests more in Morrowind than I had in other areas and the game had changed so I wasn't as under-leveled for content. My gear did at times end up being a bit off level wise because Battlegrounds leveled me up a bit fast.

    When I first got into doing dungeons, I had a horrendous experience because I could not keep up with the people rushing through the dungeons and as a healer I was basically always useless because nobody really needed any healing.

    Areas where I think the game could improve the new player experience:

    I think the newer hard content can be a poor fit for newer players. In my view, content should ramp up the difficulty with the more damage that players are doing.

    I think it might be beneficial to let new players choose their tutorial.

    I think the stat boost you get at low levels runs a bit too high and the boost you get nearing 50 is a bit too low.

    I think the quest "The Harborage" feels rather awkward/boring and might be better off being revised or being replaced with a cinematic.

    I think unique Items should level with the player so that the players doing a variety of content don't find that much of their quest gear is underleveled. If I mix many dungeons/battlegrounds in while I level I quickly end up with my quest gear under leveled.

    I think dungeons should possibly have a tutorial or should maybe use npcs to fill the queues rather than experienced players for the early dungeons.

  • Mesite
    Had a few problems when I take new quests because it doesn't make the new quest the main quest in focus - especially in the latest event where I got a quest from Breda to go fishing in Shadowfen but my pointers were telling me to go to Glenumbra to take down three anchors for the Fighters Guild.

    I keep having to go in to reset the quest I had just been given. Not a problem for me but probably confusing for new players.
  • francesinhalover
    Honestly pretty bad.

    Nr 1 they have no idea of what story to do first or how to start it. what the canonical order is. So they have to search around untill they find out oh you can do it in any order you want.

    Nr 2 Several map addons to show quest markers ,skyshards or lorebooks should had been part of eso. New players are forced to use addons otherwise things are just harder like finding lorebooks.

    Nr 3 tutorial doesn't teach light attack weaving or anything like that.

    Nr 4 reaching cp 900 to have all 4 cp dps, armor, or thief slottables takes too long. I understand cp after 1000 being slower. but untill than it shouldn't take has long has it does.

    Nr 5 No explanation of what stamina or magicka difference is.

    Nr 6 No good unlockables to keep players on the game. Yes some few exist like razak opus pet.

    Nr 7 mount training takes too long. New players don't know there is a passive for mount speed.

    Nr 8 what are the price of things? New players have to search untill they find a site with prices so they can sell items on traders.

    Nr 9 New players have no idea you can become a vampire or werewolf for free.

    Nr 10 Base game eso, no dlcs or anything, should have a free companion. Just one. That can help new players around.
    Edited by francesinhalover on January 17, 2024 10:11PM
    I am @fluffypallascat pc eu if someone wants to play together
    Shadow strike is the best cp passive ever!
  • Hottytotz
    If it wasnt my first MMO or Elder Scrolls game it would really suck. What scales with what stats. That magicka adds to spell power etc. Scaling even for casual players is always somthing of interest. Not understanding the basic building blocks of how you make even a moderately ok character has huge impact down the line. Like it doesnt need to explain item sets and sets at CP160 vs before that. However, having somthing that clearly alerts you to all guilds and somthing that lets you know the goal is not level cap its really CP160. Somthing that would let you know that it takes months to train your horse so get going on it now.

    One of the games biggest strengths is some of the build creativity or the idea of it anyways.(even though its mostly a deception). That is a huge draw. The issue with huge freedom though is that there is often a large mastery curve to understanding basic interactions of stats and skills, AND that you also have the freedom to destroy yourself. For example stamina stacking healers or magicka stacking tanks. Can you do it in normal base game dungeons and overland? Yes. Will anyone do any content with you outside of normal base game dungeons though? Never unless they are up for the troll. As with almost every MMO ever made, if you are a conscious player, choice is an illusion at best and a trap at worst.
  • Hurbster
    Speaking honestly, it's a half-assed confusing dumpster fire.
    So they raised the floor and lowered the ceiling. Except the ceiling has spikes in it now and the floor is also lava.
  • majulook
    Nor new I have played since Beta....
    I created a Arcanist last year and it was absolutely a horrible experience, go to a city and get verbally assaulted by NPC trying to get you do start their specific quest. I did know enough to ignore them, and just get the things done to get membership in all the guilds Mages. Fighters, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood, Undaunted. The get to 50 doing quests, delves, dungeons. and the like that, would give me skill points. Also collect skyshards, train mount, open up all wayshrines, and get crafting maxed out.

    I feel bad for new players as there is so much to do, and at low level you see players with what appears to be level in the thousands it must be very disheartening.

    The main quest line is hidden at the start of the game and the newest chapter. The main quest should be sticky at the top of your quest stack until you at least get to the Harborage. Not that you have to do it just have it there so players know about it.

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  • RebornV3x
    I can't imagine being a brand new player in this game in 2023 this game is so new player unfriendly its crazy no real sense of quest progression going into some place like Davons Watch or Vulkhel Guard your assaulted by quest givers and its easy to get off track and just miss tons of story beats and alot of times they start you off in the newest expansion zone which is like opening up a book and starting at chapter 5

    there should be a Cadwells Bronze to help players get on the right track or something the Zone Guide thing kinda helps but still one of the unintended consequences of 2.0/ One Tamriel.
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    I also play on PC from time to time but I just wanna be left alone on there so sorry.
  • Amottica
    While the question is extremely general and could be anything from trying to figure out the game, how other players have treated them, technical issues, and more, I feel the experience as a fairly recent new player was a positive one.

    I started ESO less than three years ago so the experience is still fairly fresh. Like with any MMORPG, there was a lot I did not know and needed to be figured out. This should be expected. Fortunately, ESO has a great player base with members who have provided a lot of useful information. That tends to be the best place to peruse, finding the sites that have helpful information. I also sought a good build. After kissing a few frogs I found a guild that had a lot of players active in that guild and were helpful.

    In the end, it is a great designed game and I enjoyed the experience exploring the game with fresh eyes and learning how to play it.

  • DreamyLu
    I was a new player about 2 years ago. My experience was negative: I stopped playing after a few tries... :D
    Main road blocks for me were:
    - The user interface: poor to my taste.
    - The combat system: matter of preferences.
    - No auction house.
    - Limited variety of game content (no water/underwater content, no jumping content, no mount content, no flying content and so on...).
    - Dyes concept (only as rewards).
    Aside of those, there were a lot of other things I didn't like, making it reach the acceptable limit and I left the game. So for me, it was really a bad start.

    In defense of ESO, I have to explain that I play MMORPGs since a long time, and my main is very different from ESO. There was sort of a "culture" shock and I couldn't cope with it.

    My friends insisted that I retry and told me about the addons. I gave it a 2nd try with the addons. The experience was less negative. I could manage a good enough interface and trade too. However, it didn't help with the other things - like the combat system - that are conceptual.
    I understood that it's a case of "take it or leave it". Since I was searching for a game to chill solo, I decided ESO can do. I managed to find a way to play that I enjoy enough and that's how I'm still here 2 years later.

    Generally, I believe that my error was to expect the same type of MMORPGs than my main and those I know. But ESO is completely different. From there, either we accept that difference and find an enjoyable way to play or we quit. I'm sure there are also players coming from other MMOs who prefer ESO, but it's probably not the majority.
    Edited by DreamyLu on January 23, 2024 5:01AM
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  • colossalvoids
    Positive as it can get, for a casual gamer and elder scrolls franchise fans it absolutely is. That's couple tens/hundred hours in you're up for "surprises" usually.
  • Danikat
    It's been a long time since I was a new player and the game has changed a lot in that time, but it seems that relatively few new players struggling to get to grips with the game, compared to some others I play, and I see that as a good sign. Look at the Players Helping Players section for example, questions from new players tend to be about specific details, or people who have gotten to CP160 and need a good build, not confusion over the basics.

    Some of that might be because ESO is very unlikely to be anyone's first RPG and enough of it is similar to enough other games that it's relatively easy to adapt, but I don't think that's a bad thing. (For one thing it should be familiar to anyone who has played other Elder Scrolls games.)

    My one big criticism is that it's far more difficult than it needs to be for a new player to play the story in order if they want to. I love that they can choose not to and I'd never want to change that, but it should be a choice rather than something they stumble into because the steps to do things in order are counter-intuitive and virtually impossible to figure out without a guide.
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  • derkaiserliche
    I think it wouldnt be nice to join as dungeon as a new dd, where everyone just runs into the first mobs without greeting or anything and then expect everyone to follow as fast as they can. But from my experience mostly the new players are actually the ones who dont greet, so i dont really mind.
  • Jarl_Ironheart
    Personally for me if i was a brand new player now. As a fan of Elder Scrolls and a RPG fan in general, the story not be locked and done in order makes me very irritated. The fact that you can do any story in any order and even do certain quests in a storyline before the starting quest is so weird and confusing. Here is this character that has something traumatic happen to them but you have no idea who they are because you played a DLC before the base game. Then you go back to the base game and their potential sacrifice or fake out death has no weight because you know they survive. If I was a new player I'd really not be a fan of that. Everything else is better than it was when I started in 2016 though.
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  • CameraBeardThePirate
    If people think ESO's new player experience is bad, then you'd be shocked at other MMOs.

    ESO has a phenomenal new player experience. Yes, things like the chronology of quests are a bit off-putting, and yes, they could do a better job of teaching new players the importance of certain mechanics, items, or consumables, but for the most part, practically everything in this game outside of PvP and veteran content is approachable from day 1 - not many other MMOs can say that.

    There's also not nearly as much grind in this game as practically every other MMO on the market. The only true "grinds" in this game nowadays are the mount upgrades, a couple of the guild skill lines, and crafting research. Base game (or easy to acquire) gear is still 100% viable or often meta. Loot grinds don't really exist anymore outside of lead drops thanks to the sticker book/curated drops.

    Nearly everything in this game can be respecced at any time, meaning that new players can try things out without being locked into something until they reach max level.
  • ADarklore
    I think if a player is SERIOUS about wanting to play, they would do some online research ahead of time to have an idea of what's going on. Too many players these days want instant gratification, but don't want to put any effort into actually learning about the game. ESO is ten years old, there is SO MUCH content, that I don't see how a new player can expect to walk in and instantly know what's going on or what to do. A single player game, sure, but a ten year old MMO... no.
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  • Fkey

    1/ Trade - very unfriendly to new players as it requires membership in a trading guild.
    Most casual friendly guilds do not have the ability to supply a kiosk for multiple reasons:
    cost, time sink in bidding wars, trading conglomerates buying up multiple kiosks (multiple trade guilds run by the same person). Most new players do not yet have the abilities, knowledge, or even desire to be in trading guilds as they --want to play and learn the game. Requiring that they join trade focussed guilds right off the hop is a big negative experience and drives people into leaving or plain ignoring this aspect of the game. Solution not possible with current system setup. The current system is very much being "gamed" by veteran long time players. I did so myself for awhile. It is very newb unfriendly.

    2/ Dungeons - very unfriendly to new players. Normal dungeons where one would expect a new player could learn to tank/heal/dps at their own pace, a pace they find comfortable, is impossible.
    Normal dungeons are over run with speed runners looking to max their transmute counts. The solution - forced joining a guild and do guild runs. This puts people in the position of performance anxiety right off the hop, and forced guild membership before they are comfortable with either.
    System as is does not enable new players to --learn their roles at their own pace.--
    Note: Another mmo has recently come out with AI followers that enable players to do normal dungeons with a group of AI's enabling the --learn your role at your own pace--before being subjected to umm --the community--. Since Eso does have Compaions, this seems like it could be possible here as well.

    Also beg in game for gear appropriate to dungeons.

    Also --leaving mechanics out to make normals "easier" is a bad solution as it removes experience, instead toning down mechanics would be better so they gain the experience of them.
    (Common problem in all mmos.)

    Personally I have played either tank or healer in a lot of mmos, I didn't bother in Eso after my first few normals when hearing from community (groups) things like (usually far more rude):
    "Hey meathead, we don't need friggin tanking, speed run for transmutes scrub."
    I continued to buy dlcs and dungeons even though I would never do them, to financially support the company though.
    Vet players constantly complain that there is no training of people in their roles, this is solvable.

    3/ PvP- If a player wanted to join Cyro from the very beginning they have 2 choices, be farmed or be farmed.
    Level 10 they gain access. No gear so they have to beg in game for someone to make them gear. Gear they have no knowledge of.
    They then can join either 10-49 campaigns and be farmed by vets in high end gear setups or join the top campaigns and do same, OR join a Pvp guild and get carried until they hopefully learn their characters, roles etc.
    Pretty much same for bgs experience.
    Supplying new players with appropriate gear, better design of rating system, maybe even an AI bg where new players could gain knowledge, experience the maps, etc.

    Yes, I do know groups, join guilds etc is the endgame of any mmo, forcing new players to do so and be subjected to the gaming community (some of it very bad) before they have a certain level of confidence is bad design and common to most mmos.
  • katanagirl1
    My experience was good, but that was when you started in Coldharbour’s Wailing Prison and then got dropped off in your faction starter zone. That is not the case anymore.
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