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What are you doing with unrewarding login rewards?

Soul Shriven
I find, my backpack is cluttering with endless unsellable stuff like poison bottles.Or this month all those riding lessons which are of no use since riding is topped on my character.
Is there any way to make something usefull out of this stuff or is the real gift getting the truly unrewarding experience having to find the stuff in backpack and destroy each stack single handed indluding typing that I accept the loss of the item?
  • Kendaric
    I generally keep them in my bank/storage chests in case I create yet another alt or once I'm at maximum characters I'll keep them in hopes of getting more character slots. One can never have too many alts :)

    The only things I'd destroy are the ones I can't destroy anyway like unwanted pets/mounts/emotes.
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    • ESO_player123
      I usually distribute the poison bottes between my characters for poison endeavors, so I can do that endeavor regardless of the toon I'm on. I still have toons that need capacity and stamina riding lessons. So, they are useful for me. If something is truly not needed, it will be destroyed.
    • TaSheen
      I keep everything except poisons. I don't use poisons, so they get deleted.

      But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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    • AllegedParadigm
      The riding lessons I'll save in case I make any more alts but everything else I kinda trash if I have over a certain amount.
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    • AcadianPaladin
      I've adjusted my loadouts to fully utilize the tristat potions as my default. Same with the repair kits. My tank uses the tristat food. Once character carries only crown soul gems. I keep a stack or two of the poisons in the bank for endeavors. I try to use the xp scrolls freely enough to not build up too many.

      I do destroy the following because I'm at a high level and don't have any use for: Scrolls to speed up trait learning. Riding lesson scrolls.

      Overall, I have no complaints and always appreciate free stuff. :)
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    • francesinhalover
      I do like and am grateful for this month's rewards.
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    • valenwood_vegan
      I delete ones I don't need and won't use. Save the ones I can't use now but might need later. Get a little excited for a couple seconds when one appeals to me. What appeals to me my not be of interest to someone else, and vice-versa. They're free and I don't really put much thought into them. *Shrug*.
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    • FlopsyPrince
      They are useful to me now since I am building an Arcanist on each of 4 platforms. I would be piling them in the bank otherwise.

      Much better than the Crown Gem Potions for sure! Especially the useless stat one.
    • bmnoble
      I just have a storage chest dedicated to most of the crown store stuff, things like the riding lessons will be useful the next time they add more character slots.
    • phaneub17_ESO
      I destroy most of it. Potions, Food, Poisons, Drink end up getting deleted. I may keep the repair kits since they do all items at once, I'm sitting on like 200+ of the 50% exp scrolls. I'm keeping the riding tomes for now in case we get another class or I decide to delete someone and restart.

      I have one character doing the unable to summon companion bug, I really don't mind starting over to get rid of that if I can get that stupid bug fixed. Wouldn't be the first time either, I had one character with a hard disconnect, the tutorial and hints wouldn't stop popping up despite having the options turned off. I got so fed up seeing "press blah blah to Block" and other messages that wouldn't go away, I deleted the character and restarted so they wouldn't show up anymore.
    • Danikat
      I think the only thing in the login rewards I never use are the crafting research scrolls, since my crafter finished researching everything before those existed and I don't plan to learn crafting on any other characters. Those and the XP scrolls (which I rarely use) go into a storage chest called "Other Stuff" and if it ever fills up they'll be the first thing I get rid of. Until then I'm keeping them just in case.

      Everything else I treat like any other item. The potions and poisons for example go into the bank and get used, if I ever find I've got too many in storage I'll delete some to free up space.

      The riding lessons I do actually use because I've got 9 characters and never cared enough about riding upgrades to go out of my way to get them so a lot of them aren't maxed out, I'll use those on whichever character/s can use them when they're at the bank sorting stuff out.
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    • SilverBride
      I keep one stack of the poisons to use for endeavors that call for them, then destroy the rest.
      I keep a few stacks of the rejuvenation potions too, because I do use these, but don't let them just keep building up.
      I used to destroy research scrolls and wish I hadn't because I've since started research on my main crafter.
      I keep all the mount training books, because I may roll another alt one day.
    • Necrotech_Master
      the only login rewards i dont have a use for right now are research scrolls, i have everything researched on my main and absolutely no interest in investing in crafting on my other characters

      the riding scrolls are useful since many of my characters still need them, i despise the current system of 1 mount upgrade per day at the stablemaster so i just dont do it (i again already did it on my main, im not doing it 10 more times for the rest of my toons)

      i use the crown food and crown tripots pretty regularly, the crown poisons i usually keep around for endeavors

      i also stockpile xp scrolls for farming companions or new characters
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    • Soarora
      TaSheen wrote: »
      I keep everything except poisons. I don't use poisons, so they get deleted.

      This. I kept poisons but I've only ever used them for endeavors so I just started deleting them. Tripots I use, crafting things I use, mount things I use...
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    • Destai
      I like the daily rewards. They're mostly functional, and I use them as I need. If not, they're mildly compelling cosmetic stuff. If they were too good, I'd feel a little strongarmed into player tbh. Happy to get free stuff.
    • ghastley
      vsrs_au wrote: »
      I'm just disappointed about how the rewards were distributed this month: instead of giving us a stack of speed lessons one day, stamina lessons the next, then capacity lessons the next, they're spread out over a big part of the month, which means we've missed out on various other useful rewards we'd normally get.

      I think the point here is that we get more of them this way. I was surprised to see stacks of three, so there clearly was an attempt made. And we altoholics need those lessons!
    • Nightowl_74
      I keep a stack of each item I use and destroy the rest. For awhile I used to hoard them, until I noticed hiw many were building up in my inventory.
    • Ishtarknows
      Food and poisons get destroyed right away (well 3 seconds later grr). XP scrolls get tossed in the bank because they stack with the other hundreds already in there.

      The riding lessons are currently in a chest in my houses.
      Given that we only got 2 new character slots with Arcanist compared to the 3 for previous new classes, I don't know whether we'll get another slot for me to use them.
    • Tra_Lalan
      All of the daily login rewards are rewarding for me. I find a way to use all of them.
    • DreamyLu
      I sell what can be sold, otherwise, I mark it as junk and once in a while, destroy all junks. :#
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    • Sheridan
      I destroy poisons and food. I use triple potions, crown repair kits, and slowly burn through my 200+ Exp Scrolls. I only have one character and no plans for making any more, but I still keep research scrolls (in case they will add more traits) and riding lessons (in case they add more levels to the existing riding skills) in my house chests.
    • Melivar
      I save and use the majority of them and only delete when I get in a bind doing a dungeon or trial and need to loot something quick.

      Most have use on my 17 alts particularly when I decide to grind out some dungeons on pledge day.
    • ArchangelIsraphel
      There is no such thing on my account. I use all login rewards depending on what character I am playing. I've found the last several months of log in rewards to be very satisfying.
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    • TheMessengerOfDeath
      Throwing them out not sure why we dont get good rewards considering the time we invest into their product. We got something cool ever 4 months or so but that’s bout it.
    • redlink1979
      I stack them in bank/storage until I need them. Example: An endeavour that requires killing "X" amount of enemies using poisoned weapons.
      Ridfing lessons/xp scrolls/food stay in the bank until I rollout a new char.

      PS - You might not need those items, but there's ppl who does.
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