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What are your favorite memories of ESO over the past decade?

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  • SkaiFaith
    Starting controversial maybe but... getting Oakensoul right after it launched and take vengeance of any World Boss that previously smashed me.
    Oooh how good of a feeling it was! Unforgettable. Loved it, love it still, and forever will XD
  • BixenteN7Akantor
    Oakensoul changed my entire experience in ESO in the good way. 2 bar dd doesn't suit me so I played one-bar anyway. Now I both play HA builds and regular dd and it's way more fun !
  • ssewallb14_ESO
    My 6 hour (mostly) blind VMA run when Orsinium came out. Never felt that level of victorious in ESO since.
  • Cooperharley
    Tales of tribute 100%

    Just kidding. Honestly nothing will ever place loading up the game with 3 of my buddies for the first time and going through a number of dungeons together and questing. It was awesome exploring Tamriel for the first time this way. I've played skyrim and oblivion, but there was something special about playing it with friends!
  • Destai
    OOOOOOH man. So many to name!
    • First memory of the game was during beta and finding some lorebooks and reading them. I thought to myself, how cool!
    • I loved discovering Summerset for the first time. Been an Altmer fan since day one and was thrilled to see that zone. Absolutely soaked it up.
    • I loved getting my warden outfitted for the first time, trying to find the right greens and browns for my outfits.
    • I also remember my wife and I getting play-married in the game in Summerset before we actually got married.

  • amig186
    Honestly, beating vDSA for the first time. It was 5 hours of torture, but I have fond memories of it for some reason.
    PC EU
  • SaffronCitrusflower
    2015-2018 when Cyrodiil PvP worked and was glorious. Pop caps were about 400/faction and it was the best video game experience in history.
  • Udrath
    When ravenwatch was called sotha sil and was super active. Was the best campaign to be introduced to world pvp
  • Wolfshade
    First dsa victory run
  • TaSheen
    Discovering that ESO has no gear chase for a casual quester like me; get to CP 160, effectively done when you find gear that works for your characters.

    Also Oakensoul for my CP 160s - not HA (I don't like the HA playstyle at all, never have, just like I've never liked ice as a magic user), just one bar so my crap internet and sad to say, reflexes, don't have to deal with bar swapping.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

    PC NA, PC EU (non steam)- three accounts, many alts....
  • Warhawke_80
    The awesome add ons...then finding out I didn't need a single one.
    ““Elric knew. The sword told him, without words of any sort. Stormbringer needed to fight, for that was its reason for existence...”― Michael Moorcock, Elric of Melniboné
  • vsrs_au
    • exiting the tutorial cavern near Solitude back in mid 2021, when I had just started the game, and when it was all still new
    • discovering Auridon and Summerset for the first time, and being amazed at how different it was to Western Skyrim
    • returning to Rkindaleft in Wrothgar and conquering it, many months after I got totally dominated by its inhabitants because I'd entered it on a character that was a bit underleveled - revenge is sweet
    Edited by vsrs_au on January 14, 2024 2:14AM
    PC(Steam) / EU / play from Melbourne, Australia / avg ping 390
  • chessalavakia_ESO
    First time I did the Forgotten Wastes Group Event.

    Getting the Sixth House Robe.

    Completing "Storming the Garrison", "The Final Assault" and "God of Schemes"
  • OtarTheMad
    So many great memories. Most PvP.

    When DK’s could use Dragon Leap to get into keeps, one DK tried it when I was near the ledge but I just hit them with Flame Reach so they landed but then immediately got thrown off the keep and died to fall damage.

    A guild I was in got tired of EP zerging keeps so we just hid inside the keep and took it from the inside when they left. (RAG… all good times rip, best guild ever)

    And just the fun of running around with my buddy, when he played, in our Draugr polymorphs and just wrecking people.
  • alternatelder
    The moment I won't get back-First trip into Tamriel in early 2015 on PC, then continuing my journey on Playstation. It was an fun experience then.

    I still miss being able to knock people off walls in Cyrodiil though, that was some fun pvp back then.
  • Nightowl_74
    When I realized ESO gave me a beautiful mansion (grand psijic villa) just for playing. It was a surprise to me, I'd just returned to the game after several years absence and although not technically a new player, for all intents I may as well have been.

    The New Life and Witches Festivals. No specific year, I just love doing them.

    Discovering that I can venture into PvP zones as a strictly pve solo player, and it doesn't mean instant death or (usually) being killed by another player, at all. That opens up a lot of "new" exploration.
  • DreamyLu
    I was in the game since a few months only and discovered Summerset area... :o<3
    I'm out of my mind, feel free to leave a message... PC/NA
  • AvalonRanger
    1.ClockWork City main story quest.
    2.Khajiit and Argonian's home land story quest.
    3.Beta test player in the 2014.
    My playing time Mon-Friday UTC13:00-16:00 [PC-NA] CP over2000 now.
    I have [1Tough tank] [1StamSorc-DD] [1Necro-DD] [1Real Healer]
    But, I'm Tank main player. Recently I'm doing Healer.

    By the way...Dungeon-Meshi(One of Famous Japanese fantasy story comic book) got finale...
    Good-bye "King of Monster Eater".
  • katanagirl1
    Hard to pick just one, a few come to mind:

    Getting Explorer title on my main character, which is PvE.

    Getting Grand Overlord on my second PvP toon.

    Riding to the first dragon in Elsweyr and being in a battle with dozens of other players.

    Completing the Craglorn vet hard mode trials with my trials group.
    Khajiit Stamblade
    Dark Elf Magsorc
    Redguard Stamina Dragonknight
    Orc Stamplar PVP
    Breton Magsorc PVP

    PS5 NA

  • Carcamongus
    Hard to pick just one. I'm a loner in a multiplayer game, so I'll write about good memories solo and in group.

    Solo: back before everything leveled with you, when I was still learning about combat, I entered a public dungeon 2 or 3 vet levels above my own (Razak's Wheel) and managed to beat it. That's when I learned how to manage resources to keep myself alive while outnumbered by stronger opponents. Did wonders to teach me how to tank and I walked out of there with a new pet, aptly named Viktor.

    Group: weekly trials with one of my guilds. These were very casual events, so much we even allowed non-CP players. I'd always turn on the jester personality and do goofy stuff like using murderous strike on the bosses before taunting them. On one particular Cloudrest run, because I used to call the gryphons big chickens, I did my best to dress up like KFC's Colonel Sanders and act the part, though in this case it was Khenarthi's Fried Chicken. Another time, in Sunspire, we were waiting for something or someone, so we got in a circle and used the crochet emote not far from a rather angry dragon.
    Imperial DK and Necro tank. PC/NA
    "Nothing is so bad that it can't get any worse." (Brazilian saying)
  • colossalvoids
    Thieves guild and db quest lines, first dlc dungeon being icp back then when I had no idea how hard it was at the time, first VMA clears, first vso, vaa and finally vmol, oh that drum beat. Last one being quite impactful was probably vas trifecta, the joy.
  • AzuraFan
    Finally signing up for the game because they released Morrowind, entering Vvardenfell in Seyda Neen, and thinking, "Wow, this looks just like I remember it, only better!"

    Then meeting Vivec and seeing all the old sites.

    Finishing the main quest (the original main quest!)

    Any time I'm exploring and come across a quest in an obscure spot, or by reading a book, or something like that. I wish there was more of that in the game.

    The firsts - first time I soloed a dungeon (okay, it was normal Fungal Grotto, but it was a big deal for me at the time), first time I did a difficult group event in a public dungeon solo, etc.

    There are more, but these jump out at me.
  • CrazyKitty
    2015-2018 when Cyrodiil PvP worked and was glorious. Pop caps were about 400/faction and it was the best video game experience in history.

    Yep, same for me.
  • UGotBenched91
    2015 cyrodil on Xbox below lvl 50 campaign. Met many good people and the ability to just talk without jumping on discord was great. A good and social community. Sadly that’s gone now but great memories.
  • Mascen
    Finishing the main campaign the first time. I grew attached to Damien, and it sucked when he was gone.
  • Tornaad
    It's kind of hard picking my favorite memories from ESO.
    I got introduced to the Elder Scrolls franchise when Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind came out, and then by the time Oblivion had been out for a few years Elder Scrolls games were basically the only games I ever played. I initially resisted the idea of ESO because my Elder Scrolls games were single player only. In 2016, I was reading for something new besides Skyrim, but was not ready to leave Tamriel, so in August of 2016, I picked up Elder Scrolls online. Now, the original theme song is one of only a very few songs that bring back nostalgic memories.
  • SeaGtGruff
    Probably when I started playing back in 2017. I sometimes got ragey over connection issues, or ragey over L2P issues, but all in all it was pure magic and wonder-- especially when I took a boat out of Vivec City to go to DC territory to turn in my crafting writs (because that's what the quest marker said to do) and I saw Wayrest and Daggerfall for the first time, along with all of the other zones I passed through along the way as I kept trying to follow the quest marker.

    I eventually learned to relax and chill, and the game is still just as much fun-- if not more so-- as it was back then now that I've leveled up a character and can solo content that used to insta-kill me; but those first several weeks were incredible.
    I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than me!
  • Hapexamendios
    Completing main quest line first time.
    First vet DLC clear - Mazzatun
    First vet trial clear - Hel Ra
  • Tornaad
    Completing main quest line first time.
    First vet DLC clear - Mazzatun
    First vet trial clear - Hel Ra

    Thank you for that reminder, getting my first no death run on Vet Maelstrom was a moment I really enjoyed.
  • StackonClown
    3 hour PVP keep fight! half the time i was just watching
    Reaching both level 50 on 1st alt and then max CP after all the grinding
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