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Levitation Spell Mount idea

I really appreciate the direction ESO has been going in terms of customization. I never thought they'd actually implement things like magic pickaxes animations, but I appreciate that they have. Since these are now features, what are folks thoughts on the idea of having a crown store item that replaces mounts with an animation of your character levitating?

Back in ES1, it was really fun to use the float spell and a speed spell to make your character whiz around like a flame atronach on caffeine. I think it could work well in ESO too.
  • phaneub17_ESO
    We had this for a short time when the mushroom horse was invisible.
  • Syldras
    On the one hand, it would be nice somehow and not as lorebreaking as many other mounts that are already available in the store. On the other hand, I think it would limit the fun a bit that it's not true levitation but only a visual reflect replacing other mounts - it would stop as soon as you try to cross any body of water, and you couldn't levitate over any obstacles either, not even a fence or a few barrels (as soon as they're too big to jump over them).
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  • finehair
    In pvp it's easier to hit a guy who is mounted on a giant Senche raht than to hit a small bosmer on mushrooms levitating around on mach speed.
  • Animar111
    I just want to be able to attack while mounted and if you take over a certain amount of damage while mounted you automatically dismount.
  • ArchMikem
    It should drain your Magic pool as you travel.
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  • TX12001rwb17_ESO
    Need a Vampire themed one where you turn into a swarm of bats and a Werewolf themed one where you assume the form of a 4 legged wolf.
  • Cronopoly
    DAoC did this with their Vampiir Class and was a huge success and not excessive at all for low speed travel. did not replace the need for mounts.

    I'd suggest it for this game as a visible Vampire ability if done in cities would get you flagged by guards as KOS hehe.
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  • umagon
    If zos added magic bubble travel, they could sell different colors, textures, shapes, animations while in the bubble and trail wakes for it. They should consider it as it would be easy cash and endless design possibilities.
  • merpins
    I've had many a good idea for mounts in this game, some of which do away with the current mounts for more interesting stuff. I won't go over those, but a levitation mount sounds great.

    I imagine my guy mounting by casting a spell, like one of the master spells in skyrim, only to T-pose and glide forward at mach-10.
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