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OK time to brainstorm *new chapter theories* Dual Zone, West Weald-Falinesti, Rictus Island chain?

OK so I've been turning it and turning it and turning it in my head what will be the new content surrounding the bosmer.

I think it will involve mora and ithelia and potentially fargrave, something about a cult of lamp *insert moth meme* LAMP

FALINESTI MAYBE!?!?! paired with dual racial content Imperial-bosmer.

I've been an avid theorizer on how and what kind of bosmer content we will get, they have been prepping us and getting us used to a few things now that I think**** hope?* will happen.

Dual zone stories-multi year long stories. Pairing a chapter with a smaller dlc content. I.e. morrowind-clockwork N. Elsweyr-S. Elsweyr W skyrim-Markarth high isle-galen ect

And we have experienced the multi year long chapter stories with morrowind to summerset arc.
We have been trained for dual zone chapters for awhile now. Started with summerset and artaeum.
Skyrim and blackreach fargrave-deadlands even highisle-amenos. Telvanni peninsula-apocrypha

They also showed us you can make a small island chain a chapter and dlc size worth of content. Showing that small islands can hold big zones.

Then they tested the blackwaters on dual racial zones like imperial-argonian Blackwoods.

As well as mechanically mastering a deeper dense forest in galen and motion zones with the ship house. Showing us movement while aboard.

All this to put together my theory

We are going to get a split racial zone West Weald imperial-bosmer zone with a autumn theme, and a sub zone Falinesti (where ever its trapped) and it will MOVE in that aurbis zone. then for the dlc zone at the end of the year we will get the Rictus Island Chain(or they switch it up this year and we get it BEFORE the chapter *which is new and surprising to shake up the formula) BECAUSE sharp arrows hot brother said something something about the SOUTHWEST coast which is where the RICTUS island chain is.

Thus weaving together all the new mechanics and themes and hints.

A dual racial zone West Weald Imperial-bosmer with the autumn theme
A sub zone Falinesti that moves
A dlc zone before or after the chapter the Rictus island chain.

Also something something Ithelia, mora cult(bosmer have one) maybe fargrave is involved*like with the prologe quest?

Anyways what do yall think?

How crazy would it be if I hit the nail with the hammer(fell)

  • LunaFlora
    would be cool, but i sincerely hope we get a full chapter with only the Drowned Coast islands as the zone.
    like 2025 if it can't be this year.

    though it would be super wonderful if we got two full chapter zones in one chapter with two major cities and one connected zone story.

    Fargrave's zone symbol is on the glass fragments it's probably involved somehow, maybe it'll become free and we'll finally get more portals in the plaza of portals.
    like to Apocrypha, Coldharbour, ithelia's realm(?).

    the retrospective letter did not say anything about the content release once again changing so it should still be
    q1: dungeons.
    q2: chapter.
    q3: bug fixes and quality of life changes.
    q4: big system like the Archive.

    who knows maybe this q4 we get something like the Battlespire.

    bosmer are at least involved in the chapter so i imagine we will get some bosmeri collectibles, housing, more outfit styles, and quests involving them.
    q3's master writ recipes could have a few be bosmeri.
    we could get our first notable bosmeri home with new assets in update 42-44.
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  • Faulgor
    The teasers pretty much confirmed the leaks, so I won't say anything on that front.

    However, I recall Matt Firor mentioning Falinesti years and years ago as an example of what parts of Tamriel they would leave to Bethesda. So I doubt we'll see it in any shape or form.
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  • Cooperharley
    Theres no small zone like in the past. Starting last year they release systems and replayable gameplay loops like IA in Q4
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