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Leads from world bosses

Could you modify the drop chance for leads from worldbosses? I've been farming the lead for the Velothi Ur mage amulet from the Runemasters Acropolis boss in Apocrypha for days now. I have already killed the boss over 50 times with different toons. No lead. I have the same problem with the world boss Aurig El in Stonefalls. The lead for the Spaulder of Ruin won’t drop. On my EU account I got those leads after 10 kills or so. I know that these are very powerful items. Of course it shouldn't be too easy to get them. But this is definitely exaggerated. I've reached the limit of my patience. I want to do something other than stand and wait for the boss for hours. That's 100% ruining the fun of this game for me at the moment. :( Also, the boss isn't actually easy. I need to wait for other players and there's always relatively little going on at the times I can play on NA. Could the drop rates for leads on worldbosses be modified so that the more times you kill the boss, the better chance you have of getting the lead? That would be fair. I have no problem killing the boss more often if I know I'm guaranteed to get the lead eventually. It's incredibly frustrating when you have to rely on mere chance to get something. Please overhaul the lead drop system for world bosses. :)
  • LunaFlora
    yes please!
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  • AlwaysDancing
    New currency - Boss Hearts. Obtained from killing WBs and used to purchase mythic leads.
  • ShadowPaladin
    Just in case. Did you check if you not already got that lead? I once farmed a boss too for hours (I think it was for 3 or 4 hours) and got no lead drop. Then I did notice that I already had the lead :confounded: .
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