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[Skill line] Discovery / Adventure / ???

Enrich yourself and your experience while traversing Tamriel! Discover what was once buried by obstacles, or step through time itself to see what an area was in the past… or will be like in the future.

–[Clavicus’ Reluctance] more gold from mobs (up to 50%)
(10 levels - 5%)

–[Yffre’s Dexterity]tree climbing & wall scaling
(5 levels - can scale 1.low / 2.mid / 3.tall branches / can reach 1.low / 2.mid / 3.high cliffs / find extra gold / find extra loot)

–[Scion of the Dragonguard] grappling hook
(5 levels - reduce waiting time to get to another branch by 5 sec) 30 sec to 5

–[Winds of Kyne] reduced falling damage
(5 levels - fall from tree climbing / wall scaling reduced by 3%)

–[Zen’s Generosity] chance to find bags containing random purple / gold crafting mats on mobs
(5 levels - chance to find 0,5% per lvl)

–[The Skeleton Key] access to (by default) inaccessible areas
(1 level)

–[The Boon of Akatosh] time travelling
(introduce a tool OR use the Augur of the Obscure to find time crevices which you can visit, as a bigger delve) SUMMERSET or PSIJIC ORDER completion dependant

Examples of some inaccessible areas:

1)Timberscar hollow (Cyrodiil)

2) this gate in Alik’r

3) A gate next to Carzog’s Demise (Bethnik) (no, it’s not the one you go through after the final quest)

4) the other side of the broken bridge in Alik’r (NEE Sentinel)
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My wishlist for ESO
>>weapons: Polearms, Unarmed, Crossbow
>>Sorc's Twilight - perched animation

II.Overland Mechanics
>>tree climing in Grahtwood / Malabal Tor / Greenshade, etc. (with tall trees)
>>rock climbing in Glenumbra / Rivenspire / Stonefalls, etc. (with tall peaks)
>>new skill lines - Adventure (enable climbing, increase flora and fauna harvesting chances)

III.CP 2.0
>>Craft Tree development

III.Replayable content in overland
>>pocket rifts to Oblivion - eg. to Vaermina's in Stormhaven, Boethiah's in Deshaan, Hircine's in the Rift OR in Bankgorai, etc. to get Daedric Sets relevant to the Prince

>>Pyandonea - we had some quests WITH Maormer (Summerset, High Isle) - maybe we could meet them there? Poke poke, nudge nudge, wink wink, eh ZOS?

>>ASOC - a new server in Asia and Oceania. If people have a bad ping there, it would be great if they had a server reaching their places more easily. And hey, it would make THREE servers, not two.
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