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[Request] Make Bash's interrupt effect a small AoE

I've been spending a lot of time lately playing the Archives. Many foes in IA need interrupts, like Infuser, Flameshaper, and Blob. Sometimes Bash can do it, but many times I find that I'm close enough to the target, but the Bash hits some other foe and doesn't interrupt the enemy I was hoping to interrupt. This was frustrating for me.
I've tried Crushing Shock and Shrouded Daggers, but neither of them are true AoE interrupts, nor are they always reliable. Currently, DK is the only class with an AoE interrupt skill, is it possible to change the interrupt effect of Bash from a single target to a small AoE to help other classes improve the situation? @ZOS_Kevin btw I know that there are some niche builds in PvP that use Bash as their main damage source, so I just hope that Bash's interrupt effect changes to an AoE instead of its damage.
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Agreed, even with tab targeting it's not possible to bash some of these targets in time, especially once the enemies get tankier and it takes long enough to kill them that they all start channelling. Another AoE interrupt skill would help. Maybe in the Undaunted skill line. I could be wrong, but I don't believe lack of AoE interrupts has been much of a problem before the Archive.

    Until then, all we have is Deadlands Demolisher, which is a damaged-focused utility set that scales off of max resistances, so ... it sorta Doesn't Do Enough for builds that need damage or tankiness (or the Archive, which needs both). Also the AoE on it is a bit small and the cooldown appears to be more like 3-4 seconds than the 2 seconds quoted on the tooltip.
    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
  • TankHealz2015
    Similar issue in Cyrodiil.
  • Soarora
    This would be nice for QOL. If nothing else, it’d be nice to have a morph of a skill with AoE bash, or having off-balance stop enemy channels (after all, they are supposedly off balance).
    PC/NA Dungeoneer (Tank/DPS/Heal), Trialist (DPS/Tank/Heal), and amateur Battlegrounder (DPS) with a passion for The Elder Scrolls lore
  • Cooperharley
    This would be cool! Great idea!
  • Billium813
    It surprises me that Mighty Bash is the only Verse in IA that deal with interrupts and that there isn't a Vision based on it. You interrupt a ton in IA. But I digress...

    I have really noticed that bash interrupting in IA is bugged or something. It's like the hitboxes are all messed up and too tiny. or like floating above the model?!? Whatever it is, it's not in sync with the rest of the game. I think that might be the real bug that they need to fix in IA. AOE interrupt could be a nice feature, but not sure about giving that to the generic bash interrupt though. I think they just need to make the hitboxes bigger cause I haven't seen this as an issue outside of IA. Everywhere else, you bash interrupt THROUGH all mobs standing in a blob. IA is different though... and they need to fix it.
    Edited by Billium813 on January 4, 2024 9:52PM
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