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Sell All Indriks During New Life

I've complained about this in the past, but events like New Life Festival highlight the frustration of the seasonal Indrik dealer. I have the Crimson and Pure Snow Indriks. The Onyx Indrik and Spectral Indrik are the only two Indriks I do not have, which coincide with the event schedules.

With the New Life Fest, we get 3 event tickets a day for 20 days. That is 60 tickets. I have the Indrik pets and have everything the Impressario has to offer. I end up buying Impressario repair kits. I love them as they are always appreciated in trial groups. While "too many" event tickets is a nice problem to have, nothing compares to the amount of tickets for any of the events for the rest of the year. The Anniversary Jubilee is close, hence why I have those Indriks, too.

It would be nice to sell all Indriks now when we have all of these tickets. One Indrik is 60 tickets (from nothing) or 40 tickets (if you have a Nascent), so its tough to obtain all of those over multiple events
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  • MotherOfMoss
    As someone who started paying attention to events shortly after the lovely Dawnwood indrik was already gone, and then missed it again last spring because of how the spring ones were around for a shorter time than the others due to some scheduling mishap, I couldn't agree more. The limited availability of the indriks is really frustrating. If they won't be made permanently available, it would at least make sense to offer them all during New Life – because of the ticket count, and the merry season!
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