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Making Overland Challenging - Namira's Boon

Cyclically every other day or at weekdays:

For 12 hours make 1-2 vanilla World Bosses 10x stronger, add some extra skills. This would make players flock to the region and team up to beat the boss.

Collect Namira's Shards as a currency to buy some upgraded Overland gear, or new gear BUT - light / medium / heavy per aliance, not per region.

There - harder overland and reviving the old zones.
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My wishlist for ESO
>>weapons: Polearms, Unarmed, Crossbow

>>Sorc's Twilight - perched animation

>>a skill line - a guild having this - to enable us to increase % gold gain for donating Ornate gear (another gold sink in order to gain more pennies - but over time it would pay off)

II.Overland Mechanics
>>tree climing in Grahtwood / Malabal Tor / Greenshade, etc. (with tall trees)

>>rock climbing in Glenumbra / Rivenspire / Stonefalls, etc. (with tall peaks)

>>new skill lines - Adventure (enable climbing, increase flora and fauna harvesting chances)

III.CP 2.0
>>Craft Tree development

III.Replayable content in overland
>>pocket rifts to Oblivion - eg. to Vaermina's in Stormhaven, Boethiah's in Deshaan, Hircine's in the Rift OR in Bankgorai, etc. to get Daedric Sets relevant to the Prince, something like Oblivion rifts in Blackwood / the Deadlands

>>Pyandonea - we had some quests WITH Maormer (Summerset, High Isle) - maybe we could meet them there? Poke poke, nudge nudge, wink wink, eh ZOS?

(the ideas are also inspired by other Forum Users' posts)
>>pet battles! We collect SO MANY pets, and yet there are just a cosmetic. What a HUGE potential lies within those tiny beats!

>>ASOC - a new server in Asia and Oceania. If people have a bad ping there, it would be great if they had a server reaching their places more easily. And hey, it would make THREE servers, not two.

>>possibility to dye barding

>>display the dialogue options so that we can see which answer the NPC is reacting to

>>a way to make Overland more challenging - for those who want
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