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The Lord of Iron and Woe

I have done the main story quest so many times I decided to do a little more exploring than usual, I knew about the extra room but I never thought about approaching the building in the center, thinking it was more static decoration. I have to admit after playing all these years, this is the first time encountering this elite and on a new character/account so I was caught off-guard for this big guy coming at me and taking out Sharp-as-Night first, the rest of the NPCs were getting wrecked too.

I wish I knew about this guy in the old days, when the game was tougher, pretty sure I would have been wiped by him back then.
  • vsrs_au
    Yes, I recently did that quest on my 7 alt chars, all about level 30 (?) at the time, and entered the building in the centre of the optional area on each of them. It's a nice little surprise for those who bother to do the extra exploring.
    PC(Steam) / EU / play from Melbourne, Australia / avg ping 390
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