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You know.... this really just isn't cool.... have ALL the classes be fab.... not just....

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Since sorc has been brought up — was the response really that sorc cannot be good at everything??? That’s fair enough if a reason for not providing certain utilities like a class burst heal, but why must sorc DPS be reliant on pets??? What about those cool lightning and dark magic skill lines? I wanted to be a storm mage and strike down my foes with lightning. :(

Yes, that was indeed their actual response to the issues sorc was facing in U35/U36 (when sorc was in as bad, if not worse state than necro is currently, like kill sorc quests in PvP were literally auto-abandoned because nobody was playing the class then levels of bad).

Since that one response, there has been absolute radio silence on any of the feedback that was even remotely related to sorc (including the woeful and unusable release state of the class set from EA Monolith of Storms).

I hope for Cro mains that the class gets the buffs it needs, but as a no-pet sorc that indeed wants to strike my foes down with lightning and dark magic, I would not be holding out any form of hope. Once something has been decided to no longer be viable, that's it, it's not coming back. The state of the sorc class set is the final thread of proof of this.

Some insight
The most recent no-pet build I could find was from well over 6 months ago (pre-nekrom) and it barely parsed 110k (build was the standard meta of pillar + rele + kilt + monster set). Every current sorc build out there is either a heavy attack build or a pet build. A traditional build LA weaving build that doesn't use pets, just simply doesn't exist for sorc anymore.

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