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The Autumn Shroud (NEW)

RP-PvP/PvE community for characters and players who enjoy a more clandestine way of life

The Autumn Shroud is a crime syndicate that operates behind the vale of an upscale inn called Journey’s End. While the inn brings in quite a lot of coin, the real fun and profit comes from the dirty deeds we carry out.

Bounties will be posted on GuildTag that require written stories, in game actions, or both to collect rewards that can range anywhere from: gold, high value items, and crown crates!

Active bounties can be found within The Menu, a document that most NPCs at Journey’s End are ready to slip to you under the table. The Menu is managed through Discord and GuildTag.

Keep in mind that our theme is neither good NOR evil. We are simply opportunists who enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the prospect of wealth.

While Journey’s End is a neutral venue, characters are NOT permitted to reveal any “monstrous” conditions that they are afflicted with (vampirism, lycanthropy, etc). Remember, civilians come here to drink and dine!

PvE: we will host world boss/daily quest grinds, pledges, achievement runs, and gear farming. If you need something, make sure to use the ⁠farm-requests channel in our Discord server to put together a team that can assist you.

PvP: our play style will mirrors the theme of our guild. Stealth builds are required AND and we will be strictly Daggerfall Covenant aligned!

🗡️ Paid, interactive bounty system for RP players
🗡️ Hub for criminal characters to meet and for players to network
🗡️ PvE events
🗡️ PvP events (strictly Daggerfall Covenant aligned and primarily stealth based)
🗡️ Ages 18+ due to themes of violence, larceny, drug use, and profanity
🗡️ Fully furnished guild house with an inn/tavern setting as well as: mundus stones, trial dummy, vampire utilities, transmute station, and master crafting stations
🗡️ Seeking out officers to help start things up!

RP is NOT required, and this guild is more like a community with a few extra bells and whistles

If this sounds interesting to you, send me an in game mail or message:

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