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Cattle - why no pets or mounts?

Why aren’t there any non combat pets that are cattle?
And why no mounts? I mighty bull would be a great mount!
Actually I’ve been attempting to make a nativity scene. There are no cows for it, and with the housing restrictions it only has one sheep so it’s not going well for livestock.
  • Tryxus
    I'd sell my soul to a Daedric Prince for a Bristleback Boar mount...

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  • LunaFlora
    highland cattle would be so awesome as a mount and pet
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  • FantasticFreddie
    Yes!!! I've been saying this for years!!! Cows come in so many shapes and colors! I'd love a nice little dairy cow to keep in my Skyrim homestead
  • NotoriousBTK
    A little fuzzy cow for a non-combat pet would be adorable, but if we're requesting livestock mounts, I would love a giant chicken mount.
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