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My 2 cents on the Pvp population test

PC EU Gray Host!


There's hope, but lot of work to be done.


First couple hours after servers opened, pvp was actually very playable. Some minor delay of skills, but nothing major.

After couple hours, it was near unplayable. Lot of skills missfiring or not firing at all. 2-3 second delays and many skills not working at all (dizzy swing being one of them).

I had to recast my buffs (forward momentum / leeching strikes) many times until they were registered. Breaking free was next to impossible and had to be done twice at least.

Significant fps loss and high ping everywhere.

After couple hours more, it was very bearable and I didn't notice much of an fps loss or high ping, even when there were bigger fights. It definitely wasn't normal population, it was more than usual, so there is a glimpse of hope.

All in all, I really and sincerely hope zos manages to implement these changes and increase the population cap in cyrodiil without issues.

Awesome and epic fights everywhere!
NB enthusiastic:
  1. Woodhippie stamblade - DW hard-hitter / PvE
  2. Know-it-all elf Magblade - Healer / PvE & PvP
  3. Hate-them-all elf Magblade - Destrostaff AoE monster / PvE
  4. Cyrodiil-Refugee stamblade - Stamina Tank / PvE

Go dominion or go home

Nightblade-Hipster. I played Nightblade before it was cool - from 1.5 onwards.
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