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Need more storage bins, bank capacity, or furniture that can hold equipment

Soul Shriven
How are you going to fit in without all this growing equipment? Why not add more storage bins, bank Spaces, and the like, or introduce the equipment model furniture already available in the Elder Scrolls V, so that players have room to put more equipment, so that players can test new character builds and the use of existing equipment. Now because the equipment has no place to put, I basically do not easily convert new equipment, so as to avoid having no place to put the equipment after it has reached the gold level. plz We Need more storage bins, bank capacity, or furniture that can hold equipment :'(
  • Jag0713
    Soul Shriven
    barney2525 wrote: »
    Why are you hoarding things that you rarely, if ever, Use ?


    Because if you don't, you don't know if it's gonna work. People should always try new things :)
  • ZharaX
    I would have to agree :)
    So much Craft Style items, where to put it!
    The picture on the wall is chaotic.
    I don't want to look at it, but when I do,
    I cannot speak because of the confusion in my head!
  • Elyu
    Don't know if this will solve the issue, but here's 1 idea to fix 1 problem - gear that is slotted in an armoury build is stored with the armoury assistant, and not in your inventory.
  • CrazyKitty
    ZOS uses inventory clutter and a bazillion style materials to encourage ESO+ subs. It's part of their marketing strategy.

    You can form your own guild bank with 10 friends or accounts, and that helps a lot.
  • centime
    I would be happy with just some furniture storage, like a craft-bag style separate storage for furnishings. Storing furnishings in various houses seems so disingenuous, and putting them all in the storage chests takes up so much of that space.

    I don't think more storage/bank/inventory space in general is necessarily the answer though...where would it end?
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