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Bugged Quest: Order of the New Moon, Southern Elsweyr

At the stage where I need to escape the Fortress and meet up with Caska following the passage where Laatvulon normally chases after the player whilst trying to freeze everything. At the moment he’s on his platform casting his frost effect but I cannot enter the narrow passage to get to Caska. It’s almost as there’s as glass wall preventing access to the passage. I don’t know when this bug occurred but it was Ok in early November when I last did this quest.
Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this. I’ve even abandoned the quest and restarted the quest !!
This is on the XBOX EU platform with my Xbox Series X.
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  • Maitsukas
    This was fixed for PC and should be done for consoles during Wednesday's maintenance.
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  • ZOS_Icy

    With there already being a thread opened on this subject here, we're going to go ahead and close this one down.

    Thank you for understanding.
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