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suggestible gameplay adjustments??

I feel like most people new to this game wouldnt be getting the building experience that they were expecting. especially if they were going to play any typical mage archetype. The battle mage who is high in damage and can cast shields and throw out a burst heal or two would typically wear light armor, but in this game it is optimal for them to wear heavy instead.. it is just one example..

there is a way i think this could be fixed so that light (or medium) armor is more usable, and the insane gap between new but cultured fantasy gamers and the vet eso gamers becomes smaller.. Because it is difficult when i obviously built for damage but someone who seemingly didnt gets all the damage and takes none..

1. armor passives: rapid mending is my main source of discomfort with the "tank" class of armor, i would feel better if instead of increasing heals recieved it reduced the time between health recovery ticks when wearing at least three or five pieces.. this way it still is good for tanks but also more useful mismatch for certain medium armor playstyles..
Light armor passives should grant a percent bonus to healing power per piece worn to better fit a typical mages playstyle of being able to cast damage and excellent heals..
it would be cool if medium armor made it so wearing 5 or more pieces there would be a sort of line of sight breaking effect (ranged targeting de-application) would be tied to your stealth detection skill, allowing you to dodge projectiles easier at certain ranges..
If for whatever reason heavy armor becomes too outclassed by these changes then i would suggest buffing the juggernaut passive to apply 3 or 2k health per piece..

2. Healing and magical defenses: most if not all heals, save for vigor, and all damage shields should scale mainly with healing power.. i feel like there are plenty of sources of healing power in the game that you could substitute into your non-light armor builds if you wanted a healer with more passive defenses...
Damage shields now last much longer but cost more and have a universal 30k armor value..
this way, shielding becomes a way to prepare for battle for most and only really a full time-option for dedicated mages. (large mag recovery and pool)

im not too sure if this addresses the problems preventing certain players from enjoying pvp or even the established meta in general. (because who even needs healers anyway lol) but i do personally believe it would be a step in the right direction as well as being capable of bringing life back to personalized gameplay in some ways..
  • Tandor
    Sparxlost wrote: »
    The battle mage who is high in damage and can cast shields and throw out a burst heal or two would typically wear light armor, but in this game it is optimal for them to wear heavy instead.

    That's not my experience in RPGs. A mage is typically a glass cannon in light armour, but an essential part of turning him into a battle mage is switching to heavy armour. At least, that's how I've always seen/played it.
  • Sparxlost
    Magic knights are a battlemage archetype.. the thing is they dont usually cast many great offensive spells or arent excellent healers... they sure as heck are tanky with their enhancements/close-combat type spells making them formidable, but wont be taking on zergs by themselves....

    i suppose someone in heavy and wielding a staff can still be the epitome of what being a battlemage suggests, i just dont believe that heavy armor shouldnt be the go-to for creating a sort of roleless meta playstyle whether or not it IS a realistic playstyle or not to others..

    literally just my opinion i dont mean to offend people who enjoy that sort of play...
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