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Endless Archive Outfit Styles Question

Have the outfit styles for the Endless Archive been implemented yet? An example is the Soulcleaver Helmet, the tooltip for which says it can occasionally drop from bosses or be purchased from merchants within the Endless Archive. However there is no option to purchase anything other than the random set pieces and you don't get the outfit style by doing so.

Am I missing a merchant or are there only the two in the area you first enter in to?
  • NoticeMeArkay
    They haven't been implemented yet.
    They are apparently handled like any new dungeon or trial motif. Releasing them 6 months if not even more after the release of the related content to keep players somehow busy before the next DLC arrives.

    So buckle for a long wait, friend.
  • aruthandys
    Thanks for the reply Notice, not sure if my popcorn will last that long but we'll see.
  • LunaFlora
    they'll likely become available in update 41.
    so march at the earliest.
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