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a request to revamp ESO PVP into LOTRO Monster Play

the advertising
for the first time ever play as fan favorite Daedra and fight normal people in the Elder Scrolls universe. . .

baseline presentation

unite the 3 factions as one faction with the same goal as before, hold and secure the keeps.

introduce monster play as the second faction, based out of IC spawn points and anchors. players chose from classic ESO Daedra that play and gear like the companion system. the Daedra players goal is to capture the keeps and secure Cyrodil.

slight more in depth

players and their PvE characters become one faction, the details are up to the devs, but the overall gameplay on the player side is unchanged.

on the Daedra players side players assume the control of Daedra, be that normal Xyvkyn, scamps, spider, whatever, gameplay up to devs. they level and play like companions, 5 skills and an ult based around that particular daedra, a light monster play progression of perhaps leveling a bit and upgrading your "gear" to gold (similar system to companion for easy of gameplay and balance)

Daedra players spawn at various point around the map and have the goal of capturing anything and everything and fighting anything and anyone.

player / daedra disassociation and monster play as a concept

I know alot of players personally who hate pvp, they dont want to die, they dont like their character being killed, they wont step foot in any pvp.
but they LOVE the idea of monster play, of playing a daedric monster and running around and trying to fight players. the disconnect of "its not my character is a monster thats kind of supposed to die" really matters.

The Monetization
another revenue stream for Daedric monster assets, like housing.
sell new daedric classes besides a base couple at launch, sell Daedroth, Spider Daedra, etc.
sell skins for the Daedra, think of all the prince versions of monsters or just how creative you can get.
still that stuff in crown crates, the store, whatever.

get creative
imagine if you could play as a bone colloses that just worked like the monster, slow and tanky, and your basic attack did siege damage like that hammer, and you could lumber up to keeps and do damage, what if these kinds of things were Daedric spawns like the hammer? various monsters or Daedra from lore, be a boss for a few min and succumb to player onslaught.
lots of room to be creative, surprisingly easy to balance (you're not nerfing player gear :P)

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  • TaSheen
    Sorry, doesn't sound like fun to me. I like the Elder Scrolls universe the way it is, without stuff from other games shoved in for no reason.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • Rufusstan
    Never going to happen. If you want to play PVMP; play LOTRO. It was a part of the game there on release and even then appeared to be a bit of a last minute add-on. The sheer amount of code and time needed to introduce monster classes and balance them against players, makes implementing it now impractical.

    Even if you could implement it; where would it happen?
  • valenwood_vegan
    To me this idea sounds more like a new game that would be better developed from the ground up rather than slapped onto a complex, ten-year-old mmo that's already experiencing a ton of pvp performance issues, balance problems, and bugs.

    Even if they started working on this tomorrow morning, it would take years to implement (obviously this is a prediction, but I based it on how long recent additions such as the arcanist and the EA spent in development).

    A lot of effort to more or less dress up pvp in a new way - and I'm not sure people who aren't interested in pvp would suddenly be interested in this?

    Not saying it's a bad idea or anything, just not sure it's a fit for ESO as it exists today.
    Edited by valenwood_vegan on November 28, 2023 9:05PM
  • hiyde
    I believe PvMP was a last minute thing (as mentioned above) and that it was the only kind of PvP that the Tolkien estate would approve at the time. (they didn't want "freeps" fighting "freeps" but they agreed to "freep vs. creep").

    I do remember it being a balance nightmare for their dev team and pretty niche activity in that game.

    Kudos to OP for an interesting idea. I did enjoy that style of play. That said, don't know that it would be a great fit here in ESO and unfortantely, a decade into the game, I don't see a change that big happening. Perhaps another game down the road will give it a try. (I wonder how the new LoTR MMO will handle it...)

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  • Cendrillion21

    Don't see it happening here but thanks for bringing back great memories of LOTRO. I loved playing my warg.
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  • Rohamad_Ali
    Only if we can be dragons. Dragon pvp is next level.
  • DarcyMardin
    I played LOTRO every day for years (from its start to when ESO dropped) and hated monster PvP. (Creeps vs Freeps). So, no thanks!
  • Braffin
    I find your idea interesting.

    I see 2 issues tho:
    1) Getting rid of alliances would eliminate "normal" non-instanced PvP from the game, thus unnecessarily alienating the anyways suffering PvP-community.
    2) Monster builds will never be able to compete with a fully developed character build.

    So I suggest to implement your idea not as replacement, but addition to Cyrodiil. Let the Monster hordes spice up the alliance war instead of replacing it and there will be an audience for this playstyle for sure.

    I doubt that will ever happen tho due to already existing performance issues and the general unwillingness of devs to improve the PvP experience.
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  • ArchangelIsraphel
    I didn't fight hard to earn what I have in PVP to have it all turned into monster play. My alliance ranks, titles, and everything else that comes with PVP- including the experience itself, is a very important part of my ESO experience, and I would not want to see it replaced with something that does not involve my characters.

    Unlike people who do not like involving their character in PVP, I DO like involving certain characters in PVP, because the alliance war is a part of their backstory, and participating in PVP is how I embody that aspect of them. I don't want my characters covered up and masked by a monster form. The characters I PVP on are the ones I actually connect to most in the game.

    Your idea might be interesting as an ADDITION to what we already have in PVP, as in, another optional PVP mode, but I do not want to see Cyrodiil replaced at all. While I understand that there are those who dislike PVP, and I am sympathetic to their reasons why, I do not feel PVP as it is should be taken away from those who love it to make others more comfortable.
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  • p_tsakirisb16_ESO
    Wing wrote: »
    the advertising
    a request to revamp ESO PVP into LOTRO Monster Play

    HELL NO. Go play LOTRO

  • Muizer
    I think if there is an art to making game suggestions, it's to suggest small changes with big impacts. This is the polar opposite. A huge overhaul for the purpose of creating a fleeting illusion.
    Please stop making requests for game features. ZOS have enough bad ideas as it is!
  • Elyu
    There is perhaps the kernel of a good idea here.

    The general sentiment seems to be "hell no keep pvp as it is now (just improve it please ZOS)"

    But there is an area of pvp where this would make 'lore' sense - the Imperial City + Sewers. As is stands there are many pve useful items to be bought for tel var stones (some item sets, some crafting materials etc) but they're locked behind the same 3v3 pvp as in Cyrodil.
    By splitting it into a pvpve 2v2 it would make it more pve friendly, as there would be greater opportunity to team up with others cross-alliance in order to obtain those ever so elusive tel var stones.
    Edited by Elyu on November 29, 2023 10:52AM
  • p_tsakirisb16_ESO
    What Cyrodiil needs is the complete removal of all CC. And I mean ALL CC nothing be working, neither skills or sets.

    CC has been one of the biggest idiotic mechanics in both DAOC & ESO that is both games RvR/AvA was limited to small hard core player base.

    Remove CC and lets see how active Cyrodiil will be. Make a no CC campaign and see how it goes. Maybe bring back the massive damage FG skills did again vampires & WW, because atm been a vampire has gazillion benefits and no drawbacks. (fire weakness is balanced with resistance glyphs).

    During the ESO Beta, because the player didn't have unlocked more than few basic skills and almost everything was crafted sets, Cyrodiil was an amazing experience where battles lasted long time, there wasn't one hit trick ponies sets/skill combo, and AvA was far more enjoyable than it is today.

    Is the reason preferring to play other games when want to play PVP than ESO last several years, because they requires more skill and there is a balance in those games, while Cyrodiil ended up for elitist cultists.

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