Maintenance for the week of April 15:
• PC/Mac: No maintenance – April 15
• ESO Store and Account System for maintenance – April 16, 8:00AM EDT (12:00 UTC) - 12:00PM EDT (16:00 UTC)
In response to the ongoing issue, the North American PC/Mac megaserver is currently unavailable while we perform maintenance.

What did you do/are doing during maintenance?

  • totzummrdave_ESO
    I made my ubercoffee, then I emptied 24 E-Landers so I could put the 223 into 24 Mini14 mags, so I could fill the 24 E-Landers with 556... 24 Stok in a mug of milk, tramadol and gabapentin! WEEEEEeeeeee!!1! :)

    ... I guess I'll paint up these Bastet doll heads to look like a proper tiger striped Khajiit next... WEEEEEeeee!!1!

    I can't stop babbling! WEEEEEeeeee!!1!!
  • ArchangelIsraphel
    One of my favorite hobbies is amigurumi (creating plushies, ornaments, and other fiber art creations using crochet) so I have been spending the down time prepping several holiday themed crochet patterns and figuring out what yarn colors I'll be needing, and how much.

    I discovered an incredibly cute little chibi angel pattern while scowering the depths of the internet for inspiration, so I plan on covering my Christmas tree with just about a zillion of them simply because it makes me happy.

    One of the things I love about adulting- I can cover my tree in whatever the heck I want, no more precisely themed trees! Bright colors and video game characters everywhere. Pure chaos. Angels right next to Assassins Creed, the Witcher, Lord of the Rings, and whatever else I desire.

    MST3K is running in the background, and I'm loving life right now.
    Legends never die
    They're written down in eternity
    But you'll never see the price it costs
    The scars collected all their lives
    When everything's lost, they pick up their hearts and avenge defeat
    Before it all starts, they suffer through harm just to touch a dream
    Oh, pick yourself up, 'cause
    Legends never die
  • Danikat
    A mix of being in bed feeling ill and playing other games. I was surprised when after dinner I went to log into ESO and found out the maintenance is still going, and isn't expected to end until after I go to bed. But it's ok, my other MMO does maintenance without going offline, so I can just play that.
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  • Lixiviant
    It's fantastic! Got the truck smogged, did some grocery shopping, stopped by Costco for *** and giggles.

    Now I'm back, fed, and wondering how to make my PVE Magsorc into a PVP cruiser.
    PS4/PS5/NA - And sometimes EU

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  • majulook
    I played some Sniper Elite 5 on Authentic difficulty
    Si vis pacem, para bellum
  • jtm1018
    Curse at the devs?

    Just saying!

  • TwiceBornStar
    I switched off and put myself on the charger.

    *giving everyone that droid look*
  • huskandhunger
    playing bg3 as druid and making deals with devils ;)
  • Vrienda
    Played WoW instead. Only really log on ESO to do dailies and they ain't available since I woke up all the way through to now so...
    Desperate for Roleplaying servers to bring open world non-organised RP to Elder Scrolls Online. Please ZOS.
  • Vonnegut2506
    I played Star Wars the Old Republic. It's pretty much always up since they don't really fix anything anymore.
  • TaSheen
    And now I'm deep in the Crystal Singer books.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

    PC NA, PC EU (non steam)- three accounts, many alts....
  • Hapexamendios
    I ate dinner, watched TV, went to bed and I woke up to go to work and it's still going on. Probably won't be homebin tine for daily rewards, endeavors etc. Waste of a day.
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  • Toxic_Hemlock
    Played NMS, alt tabbing and swearing between planets!
  • twev
    As was suggested by many in the forum - I looked for a different game to play instead of this one.
    The problem with society these days is that no one drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore.

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    I don't play through Steam, ever.
  • FelixTheCatt
    Hung out with my adult children and finished up my Christmas shopping finally.
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    Eso - FaCoffinDye (EP)
  • DorianDragonRaze
    Would like to say, "setting up my ROG Ally", but no, working...
    I used to be an adventurer like you, then I got the ESO on my hard drive...
  • SilverBride
    I don't usually log in before noon Pacific time anyway so it's only 3 hours less than I normally play. But I did get some things done I would have put off until later.

    First I went out and did some tasks that I had been putting off. Then I came home and made a batch of burritos and put them in the fridge to have later. Unfortunately I have an appointment right when the servers will be coming back up, but it's a short one and I should still be able to log in and at least get my writs done today.
  • OtarTheMad
    Sleeping and then working.
  • wilykcat
    Playing League of Legends
    And posting on the forums.
  • Quethrosar
  • Turtle_Bot
    Dinner, chill with family, sleep, breakfast.

    Otherwise known as life.
  • disintegr8
    Had a good sleep and went to the gym this morning (maintenance started at 8pm my time).
    Australian on PS4 NA server.
    Everyone's entitled to an opinion.
  • TaSheen
    Picked up daily rewards, logged off, baked Papa Murphy's Pizza for dinner, now back to my books.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

    PC NA, PC EU (non steam)- three accounts, many alts....
  • GLP323b14_ESO

    PC/NA @GP323
  • DreamyLu
    Honestly, I don't care. I play another game, or go out into the woods with my dog, or take my mountain bike for a ride, or work in my garden, or go shopping, or do something with real life friends, or catch my delay by some home works, and so on... There are so many possibilities!

    I'm more the type who never have enough time to do all what I like/have to do! :D
    I'm out of my mind, feel free to leave a message... PC/NA
  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    1) work, 2) go out to dinner (the restaurant was great).
    PC EU.

    =primarily PvH (Player vs. House)=
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